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St George’s International School Luxembourg

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St George’s is an inclusive, vibrant international community of over 750 students (aged 3 to 18+) from over 50 countries. Our well-resourced environment enables us to offer a challenging programme that caters to the individual strengths of our students.St George’s believes:Learning should be accessible to everyone, with every student able to find the tools and opportunities to achieve their full potential.Learning should be personalised according to individual needs, with students receiving the challenges and the support necessary to achieve their highest potential.Students should be given challenging academic opportunities to foster confidence and help them grow into bright, self-assured and aspirational individuals.

Students should be given a foundation of strong values, based on mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.

The curriculum choices, classroom culture and overall atmosphere should celebrate diversity while emphasising a feeling of community.

The learning environment should be stimulating, positive, supportive and safe.

IGCSE, A/S and A-Level Results (2017)

Students this year have again achieved excellent results in IGCSE, A/S and A-Level exams, enabling our graduates to embark on further studies at universities worldwide.

A-Level Results

  • 59% of examinations were graded A* or A
  • 88% of examinations were graded A* to C

59% of examination papers were graded A* or A, 88% of examination papers achieved a grade C or above. 23% of all entries received the highest grade possible, an A*, whilst one of our students achieved A* grades in all of the subjects she studied. These results mark a further improvement from the excellent 2016 results at the school.

A/S Level Results

  • 67% of examinations graded A/B
  • 75% of examinations graded A to C

65% of examination papers were graded at A or B and 75% of examination papers achieved a grade C or above. Most impressive was the fact that 51% of all entries received the top grade (A). At A/S there is no A* grade available.

IGCSE Results

  • 47% of examinations graded A*/A
  • 88% of examinations graded A* to C

375 individual IGCSE examinations were taken in total. The vast majority of students in Year 11 took 10 subjects each with an overall pass rate of 100%, whilst 47% of all examination papers were graded A* or A. 89% of our students achieved at least 5 grades from A* to C and 88% of examination papers achieved a grade C or above. These students will now progress on to the next school year (Year 12) where they will study their chosen A/S level subjects.

St George’s graduates will be taking up places at the University of Oxford, the University of Durham, Royal Holloway, the University of Bath, the University of Exeter and the University of Edinburgh amongst other universities in the UK and Europe.

You can find further information on the academic results of the School, including an individual breakdown by subject, on the website.

Located in Hamm, St George’s offers a caring and nurturing environment for children to grow and reach their potential in. The dedicated and high quality teaching staff are supportive and readily available to parents. The facilities and resources provided are outstanding and are continually developing and growing as Lux grows. Lux feels a little less ‘foreign’ and definitely more familiar when you are walking the grounds of St Georges.
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