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Neha Poddar Photography

By appointment only
At her core, Neha is an artist. After being a graduate from the best design school in India and having worked for top notch global design houses, Neha decided to pursue her childhood passion: photography. Her keen aesthetic sense allows her to find visual beauty in everyday life.As an avid traveller Neha loves to explore the unexplored and it inspires her to add an artistic narrative into every shoots she does. Behind the sheer beauty of her photos, there is a piece of personal experience which informs all she does.
In her own words, ‘Being a globe trotter has given me a distinct sense of people and life. Luxembourg gives me a polished, deliberate stance and India taught me all about vibrance, colour and improvisation.’What really inspired her to pursue photography can be a long list but Luxembourg (with all its natural beauty), has definitely got her eyes winking and fingers clicking.

Neha is our go-to photographer. Her images make our website shine. Perhaps we are biased since we feel personally vested in our articles but she provides us with the images which make our stories even more compelling. We recommend Neha to photograph for your family pics or a special event- she will find the light and naturally highlight her subject even on the darkest days in Luxembourg!
+352 671 512 154