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Les Poussins Ecole Maternelles & Crèche

12 Boulevard Baden-Powell, Luxembourg
Crèche, Education, Foyer de Jour, Schools

Monday-Friday 7:45am-6:15pm
Les Poussin is a French speaking creche and school catering to children from 18 months to 6 years. The small classes and nurturing environment feel like you are stepping into a genuinely loving family atmosphere which is complemented by a gorgeous French menu cooked by the onsite chef. There is an emphasis on art and experiencing the world through hands-on exercises while learning through enjoyment and discovery. Small class sizes and play-based methods allow each student to receive quality individual time with their teachers on a daily basis. Cheque Service is accepted.
Located in shady Bonnevoie, yet close enough to the city, these little adventurers are often on the go with special trips to learn how to turn wool into yarn at the farm, build marionettes at the theatre and create etchings at the museums. Located near the forest, the classroom is often relocated outside where budding scientists can learn about the earth. Their musical performances are simply unforgettable with the teachers hand stitching their precious individual costumes. It isn’t unusual to meet a parent who has put four kids through Les Poussins- so strong is their love for this sweet school. The teachers are passionate, and the children are cared for and their French is très bon! 
+352 493 6381