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6, rue Marguerite de Brabant
Adult Learning, Education, Language Schools, Summer/School Holiday Camps

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For more than a decade, has been providing courses for children, adults and businesses. They also offer language camps in French, German and English during all the school holidays. These camps are aimed at children ages 5 to 18 and are either part-time or total immersion. Each of their courses are also contributes to the promotion and development of the Luxembourgish language. It has published innovative resources, including the “100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish” flash cards, the “Wie sinn ech? Who am I?” game, the “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” desk calendar and the “Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch” cards, that can be found in the best book stores in Luxembourg. works hard to make Luxembourgish accessible to the expat community, which is something we truly appreciate. On top of the we especially love the holiday/summer camps put on by The methodology that uses is chiefly by learning through play. This is a perfect fit for young learners (aged 5 to 18) whose activities are adapted to the groups age and language level. They believe in keeping things enjoyable (because there are no dreaded tests or grades, it’s summer!) and by doing so, your kids are actually able to absorb the language from all angles. The groups are kept small so that each child can benefit from personal attention-something that is often hard to find. There is no grammar or mundane lessons, rather the children act out plays, play sports and cook while learning about each other’s culture.
+352 26 47 85 03 or +352 621 77 51 22