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Hot Box Yoga

10, Rue des Pres
Open 7 days, see website for class schedule
Hot Box Yoga offers you the benefits of hot yoga following the 26 postures of Bikram. The class is composed of 26 postures and two types of breathing exercises; Pranayama at the beginning to warm you up; Kapalbhati at the end to cool you down, done twice over a period of 90 minutes, in a ‘box’ heated to about 105 degrees (or 40 degrees Celsius).The warmth of the studio ensures better muscle elasticity and helps with the cardiovascular work out. The sessions are suitable for all ages and levels of ability. In a session each posture is designed to systematically and progressively work each joint, tendon, muscle, ligament, glands and organs whilst sending oxygenated blood throughout the body. Your system is reset back to the way it was intended by mother nature! We offer group and private tuition to suit the needs of everyone from beginners upwards.After each session, you will feel energised and cleansed. Over time your flexibility, core body strength, balance and stamina will increase.
Join us at one of our new classes!
From 2nd January (Every Tuesday & Thursday): LUNCHTIME BIKRAM EXPRESS CLASS. 60 MINS ONLY.
From 9th January (Every Tuesday & Friday at 6:00pm): HOT BARRE CLASSES with Emilie. Hot Barre combines elements of Yoga, pilates, dance & functional training with the addition of music & heat to sculpt, slim & stretch your entire body. Intense but easy to follow & fun. Emilie & Sheelagh are trained to guide you through this 60 minute high intensity workout.

Trust us when we say that you’ll be completely drenched and detoxed after a fabulous hot yoga class with Sheelagh in Strassen. This bikram firecracker coached us through every pose and we took comfort in the fact that all shapes and sizes were represented in that steaming room. Hot Box helps you let go of stress and anxiety while requiring you to expend massive amounts of physical and mental energy that you didn’t even know were dying to be released. This means after your scrape yourself off the floor, you will sleep like a baby come nighttime. Our first time we were terrified we would drop dead due to the heat but the reality was that we walked out feeling like we were walking on air and are officially hooked! Our chakras are balanced, we’ve created space between the vertebrae and we feel fabulous!
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