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It’s officially December 1st, your to-do list is weighing you down. You need to feed the family and replace the fifteen broken wine glasses because, well,  Christmas is coming and wine tastes bad out of coffee mugs. You also need to pick up plastic bags for the kid’s lunch. The couch hasn’t smelled right since the dog ate the two year old stash of left over Halloween candy and proceeded to vomit it all over the tweed cushions. Maybe it’s time to consider a new couch? Oh wait- did someone say Christmas is coming? Grab the letter to Santa and get to work. Alone. Without little pitchers and their big ears.


We first went there for a birthday party and were confused as to what this place was, (or even where it was- think bottom floor), but once the wristbands were placed on our littles and we were told to enjoy our shopping, we were sold. You need groceries and don’t want the precariously stacked items to end up harming another patron or have your child snap your achilles tendon with the adorable kids cart full of chocolate? Then you need to drop them at the childcare centre in City Concorde. They have these wonderful people who actually supervise them and your kid might even walk out with a craft which sure beats screen time. There is a climbing frame and a play area and they go wild but not feral YoYo wild. Make sure you have identification for both you and your kid. The prices are based per hour and I’ve heard you sometimes have the option to include a meal for your kid- although we’ve only been there for parties or during off times.

80 Route de Longwy
L-8060 Bertrange

 A.S. Adventure

These stores are for the most active outdoor adventure seekers amongst us but it also sells kids clothes as well as fun brands like Northface, Superdry and rather fun gifty items. While they don’t encourage you to play hide and seek in the camping tents on the second floor, my five year old and I had a whale of a time while his dad tried on hiking boots. Worried we were getting ‘the eye’ from the authorities, we drifted to the ground floor and discovered a play area under the stairs where there were little chairs and a movie playing. Sometimes that’s all you need. And a free hot chocolate, coffee or water (upstairs by the tents where hide and seek is not condoned).  There are stores all over Lux but we go to the one in Howald.

Rue des Scillas 20
2529 Howald
Phone +352 2619931


Even though we say time and time again- I am never putting together another item of furniture, you look around, see the hefty price tags, consider taking out a second mortgage to buy a chair and find yourself driving to Arlon. It feels like there are no closets in Europe, therefore, IKEA exists. Make this anxiety-inducing ginormous store a positive experience and check in your children to the Kids Centre, (you need an IKEA family card), while you go shopping. The centre has a small soft play, including a ball pit and some other toys and games to play with. Personally, my kids won’t have anything to do with it but I have loads of friends that say this place is the bomb.com when they need to get stuff done and their kids aren’t determined to be with them at all times. It runs some professionally led craft and play sessions on weekday afternoons but not on the weekends when things can be rather busy. The IKEA restaurant has our favourite Swedish meatballs, pasta and there is always something relatively healthy because, well, they are Swedish after all. They even have a small round play area within the dining room.  The kids can use the self serve drink machines which never ends in disaster. (wink, wink)

100 Rue de Grass
6700 Arlon

Mobile Alvisse

A furniture shop which caters to every room in the house, this shop in Leudelange/Gasperich has a small free soft play right in the middle of the store. The great thing about this place is that it pretty much ticks all the boxes and has anything you need from cool wine glasses to carpets to sofas to a chairs. We bought our kitchen table there and absolutely love it. It even has baby items such as prams, beds and furniture for smalls. It even has free hot chocolate although I don’t think it advertises it but our munchkin was delighted.   It’s perfect for small people and even runs a movie although I can’t be sure what language it was in.

Zone Industrial Am Bann
L-3372 Leudelange

Did we miss your favourite kid-friendly family-outing-no-choice-but-to-take-them- shop? Let us know!

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