What’s On For Families: May 20th -21st

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Calling All YOUNG farmers! The world’s largest birds have a festival this weekend in their honour! Into sports, museums or family festivals? This is your weekend! Alex@What’s On for Kids’ on What’s on for Kids has all the details.

What’s On For Kids This Weekend: 25th May & 27th – 28th May, 2017

Thursday – 25 May

Sports Festival/SpillFest

The sports festival is a fantastic way to get your little ones involved in sports activities. Head over with the kids to have some fun and participate in one of the 40  workshops. See website for more details
Where: Patinoire Kockelscheuer, 42, route de Bettembourg, L-1899 Luxembourg
When: 25 May – 10:00 – 18:00h
Age: Everyone (workshops for under 3s as well)
Cost: Free

Sanem Fest at the Castle

Fest with lots of entertainment fro the kids!
Where: Suessemer Schlassfest, Schloss, Sanem
When: 25 May from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: Free


ING Night Marathon – Mini mini marathon (Registration required)

Watch the famous ING Night marathon! Kids races available as well: mini marathon (kids over 10 years old) and mini mini marathon (under 10 years old).
Where: Throughout Luxembourg – see the website for details
When:  Start for the mini and the mini mini marathon: 27 May – 7/7:40 pm
Age: under 10 year olds/ over 10 years old
Cost: 9 EUR

KindyROO Luxembourg (in English, Registration required)

KindyROO aims to enrich the learning potential and health of children, by providing a fun and educational environment in which parent and child can bond and learn together. Come along to KindyROO Luxembourg to try the acclaimed classes and understand how we can help your child to maximize their learning potential! See website below for further details!
Where: 5 av. MarieThérèse L-2132 Luxembourg
Rheinsheim Building A / Altrimenti (Friday classes)
Erwuesse Building G (Saturday classes) 
When: Saturdays: 10-17h; regular classes run on Fridays and Saturdays (visit the website to see the schedule and to sign up)
Age: 6 weeks – 2 years

For Your Mummy (Booking required, in De, Lux, Fr)

Together with the designer Sophie Dewalque, kids will create a lampshade, an original gift for mummies to give on Mother’s Day!
Where: Kulturhaus Niederanven, 145, route de Trèves, Niederanven
When: 27 May: 2 pm – 5 pm
Age: 7-12 years
Cost: 30 EUR

Kids Entertainment in Remich

Kids entertainment!
Where: ESPLANADE, Place Dr. Fernand Kons, L-5533 REMICH, Luxembourg
When: Saturdays ->May till Sept: 2 pm -5 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: Free

Rock & Roll – Baby Sensory (in English, Registration required)

Come join a themed class with Baby Sensory! The various baby activities aim to build up a vocabulary of sensory experiences, to enhance physical contact between you and your baby and to promote the development of speech through the use of sign language, music, song and puppets.
Where: 72 rue de Remich, 5330 Moutfort (Sunflower Montessori Creche)
When: Saturdays: 10 am -12:30 pm
Age: Class for 0-6 months runs 10 am -11 am. Class for 7-13 months runs 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Cost: Check on website

Learn about the Birds

The museum offers a number of workshop that will keep older children entertained!
Where: “Ettelbréck beim Kierfecht, 9083   Ettelbruck  (49°50′ N 6°06′ E)”)
When:  27 May 2:30 pm- 4:30 pm
Age: 8-10 years
Cost: Free

Elmer, the Elephant Day (Booking required, in Lux)

This year there will be hundreds of Elmer Day events happening across the world! And Luxembourg is no exception  – join this Elmer reading and maybe get a free gift!
Where: Centre Culturel “Am Duerf”, 8, rue du Village, Junglinster
When: 27 May10:30 am
Age: everyone
Cost: free


Saturday &  Sunday

Concerts for Kids

Concert for toddlers! See website for the detailed program
Where: Philharmonie Luxembourg, 1 Place de l’Europe, 1499 Luxembourg
When: 27-28 May
Age: 5-9 years
Cost: see website

Bee Trail – Kids Learn Why Bees Are Awesome

Head over with the kids to the 2.3 km bee trail that goes across the city and includes 11 information stops. There you will discover the richness and biodiversity in the city as well as the world of bees (just a few examples of the adventures that awaits you on the tour: a hive on the roof of a building, a hotel for wild bees, beautiful elevated flowerbeds with an unparalleled biodiversity and much more)!
Where: Luxembourg city
When: 20th May – 17 August
Age: Everyone
Cost: Free

Sports dog demonstration

If your kids love dogs this event is for them. A dog sports day will take place on the training field of the “Amis du Chien et de Police de Garde”.
Where: Terrain Amis du chien de Police et de Garde, RUE DU DEICH, L-9012 Ettelbruck
When: 27& 28  May
Age: Everyone
Cost: tbd

Youth Gaelic Games 2016 (in English, Registration required)

Girls and boys will learn the skills of gaelic games: football, hurling, camogie!
Where: Stade Michel Wagner, rue de Sainth-Vith, L-2673, Weimerskirch, Luxembourg
When: Sundays from April 30th – July 2nd
Age: 4-14 years (3 age groups)
Cost: Free

International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon at Vianden Castle (Booking required)

The entries into the contest and the winner will be exhibited in Vianden Castle. The theme of the contest is ““BeE HappY”.
Where: Vianden Castle, the Hall of the Knights of the Castle  of  Vianden
When: 6-28 May: 10 am – 6 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: Castle Entry fee


Heringer Millefest Mullerthal

Millfest with lots of activities for kids – duck race, treasure hunt, bouncy castle, guided walking tours and much more!
Where: “Heringer Millen”, 1, rue des moulins, L-6245 Müllerthal
When:  28 May: 11 am – 6 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: Free

Ardennes Horses Day

The Ardennes horse or Ardennais is one of the oldest breeds of draft horse, and originates from the Ardennes area in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It is a symbol of the nature, the environment and the family. Therefore, kids can  participate in more that 25 workshops on those themes!
Where: Tourist Center, Robbesscheier, 1 Frummeschgaass, L-9766 Munshausen
When: 28 May: 10 am – 6 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: 5 EUR per person; Free- kids under 12 years

Puppet Theatre (in German, Booking required)

Puppet theatre!
Where: Poppespënnchen, Place de Saintignon, L-4698 Lasauvage
When:  28 May: 3:30 pm
Age: 3+ years
Cost: 5 EUR  – kids; 7 EUR – adults

The Little Witch (in DE, Booking required)

A family play by Otfried Preußler!
Where: Cube 521, 1-3 DRIICHT, L-9764 MARNACH
When:  28 May: 4:00 pm
Age: 4+ years
Cost: adults – 10/12 EUR; 6 EUR – less than 26 years

BONJOUR LA NUIT! GUTE NACHT, LIEBER TAG!  (in Fr and De, Booking required)

A bilingual fairy tale!
Where: Mierscher Kulturhaus, 53 RUE GRANDE-DUCHESSE CHARLOTTE , L-7520 MERSCH, Luxembourg
When: 28 May: 4 pm
Age: 6-9 years
Cost: 15/ 7.50 EUR

Yuppi Walk

5, 10, 20 km walk for the whole family and Yuppi Mini-walk for kids at 10am. Read about Yuppi walks here
Where: Centre Sportif “Holleschbierg”, rue du Stade 2000, L-5940 HESPERANGE
When: 28 May: 6:30 am  – 5 pm
Age: 5-12 years
Cost: Yuppi walk: <14 years – free for kids ; > 14 years – 1.50 EUR

Next week – 30 May – World Games’ Day

Head out with the whole family to event to discover the pleasure of playing together!
Where: place Guillaume II in front of l’Hôtel de Ville
When: 30 May: 10am – 5 pm
Age: Everyone
Cost: Free

Recurrent Activities

There are more activities happening this weekend listed in our recurrent weekend activities list -like  workshops at Casino,  Stories in Cité-Bibliothèque and much more!

Events Outside Luxembourg

– around 24  km from Luxembourg city (Château de Preisch, 2 rue des Lilas, 57570 Basse-Rentgen, France): Treasure Hunts – weekends from 15.04-15.10
– around 32  km from Luxembourg city (Place Léopold , 6700 Arlon , Arlon, Belgium): Maitrank Fest (with animation for kids on Sunday)– 27-28 May
– around 49 km from Luxembourg city ( Trier and surroundings ):  Various kids events and theatres and Guided Walk for kids in Trier;
– around 80  km from Luxembourg city (Domaine des Roises – 55150 AZANNES, France ): Fest Old Professions  14, 21, 25 and 28 May.
– around 100  km from Luxembourg city (Saarbrücken, Germany):  Various events for kids
– around 44 km from Lux city (Bauer Greif , Oberkirch 8, 54294 Trier-Zewen, Germany) – Pick Your Own  9-18h daily. See much more suggestion for Pick Your Own in City Savvy Luxembourg

Even More…

And you shouldn’t forget about the 501 Things To Do With Kids In And Around Luxembourg Guide — it is the perfect way to plan your weekend or weekly getaway — visit a park, got to a camping site, take a picture perfect stroll down a nature trail (by the way there are 25 of those mentioned in the 501 Things Guide).

Disclaimer: What’s On For Kids’s Fun Things To Do This Weekend list is for your information only. We do not organize, endorse, support, guarantee or are in any way involved with the above activities, unless otherwise mentioned. While we do our best to report as many events as possible that are happening in and around Luxembourg, it’s not in our power to verify or vet the events. All responsibility and accountability for organizing and properly carrying out the events belong to their organizers. It’s always a good idea to check our website and the events’ websites for possible last minute changes!

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