Perfect Beauty By Jil

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You know that one girlfriend that can take one look at you and voilà- magically sort you out?

You left her behind or she moved back and you’ve been desperately searching for her replacement while your unibrow grows exponentially, the grocery attendant asked you a question ending with ‘Monsieur’ and your nails look like a rabid dog has given them a once over? It’s time. Let us introduce you to Jil.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Jil knew from a young age that she wanted to make people look and feel beautiful. Her current salon has been around for 6 years and the reason she’s done well is because she is someone who gives it to you straight. She’s no nonsense and when you ask if you should give the semi-permanant nails a rest and do a normal manicure, she just might respond with ‘What do you think? Every other time is fine but don’t be crazy.’ She has around 150 dedicated clients who followed her from her last place to her current digs and her honesty has to be one reason why.

Perfect Beauty by Jil is a laid back salon that feels more ‘urban loft’ and less pretentious ‘ladies who lunch.’

It’s nice to have a spa that doesn’t overwhelm you with choices: She offers all the classic treatments of nails, massage and facials but also hair removal and permanent make-up. She treats both men and women who need tune ups- whether it be their tired and aching muscles rubbed or hands dazzled. I pump her full of all kinds of questions hoping to get intimate details of gross feet but she gives nothing away. ‘Honestly, I just like to make people look better…and I just so happen to like feet. Feet really don’t bother me.’

Beauty by Jil

Want your eyelashes enhanced? Thickened, shaped, elongated or tinted? Call Jil.  Need to sloth off the dead skin from too much sun on holiday? Jil delights in giving your cheeks the feeling of a baby’s bum.

Located smack dab in the Gare neighbourhood, near Monoprix, and the new Cocotte, Jil shares a staircase with a tattoo artist which gives her place a bit of an urban edge as you climb the stairs hearing the buzz of an inky needle. Parking is available at about 500 meters from her front door in the garages and her funky interior mixed with her cool playlist helps you relax into ‘me’ time. That’s Jil’s intention. She often walks around the salon barefoot which adds to her low-key vibe.

She’s the girlfriend you’ve been searching for- only this one will take care of that mustache or your leg hair that is long enough to be braided!

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Perfect Beauty by Jil

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