HelloFresh? Hello I no longer hate cooking in Lux!

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I used to love to cook. Adored the whole process of cooking. Then I had children. Or was it that I moved to Luxembourg and had children? I am pretty sure I had at least one before moving to the Grand Duchy but I remember that even with one, I loved cooking- so I’m blaming Luxembourg.

In London, my tiny pantry was miniature but adequate and if I was short an ingredient for a recipe, it was a matter of dashing to Waitrose and buying the essential component. This could be done on the way to work and might consume a total of 6 minutes of my life. I also nurtured my rather intimate relationships, (much to the chagrin of my husband), with my greengrocer, fish monger and butcher. These rather rough-around-the-edges-lads could get me anything I requested (in terms of foodstuffs). Do you know how humiliating it is to ask a pimply-faced 18 year old wearing roller skates where the ‘corn flour’ could be located within the 47 aisles of store? Don’t even attempt to mention to said baby-man-on-disco-skates you need a lot (beaucoup) because if you are like me- you will say he has a beautiful ass (beau cul) and things will get weird…and he could possibly press charges.

Luxembourg has defeated me when it comes to cooking…until I discovered the genius solution of HelloFresh!  A girlfriend from Seattle told me about this service she used back in America which sends you a box with every single thing you’d need to make your meal (aside from the pots and pans). This sounded like a pipe dream to me, and I chalked it up to the reason why Americans are known to struggle with weight problems- their lives are obviously too easy…and she must have had an over-active thyroid which explained why she weighed as much as my right thigh.

Then HelloFresh entered my life. I’ve just completed my first week with them and there’s no turning back.

The box comes already sorted with exactly what you need to make a meal with seasonal ingredients and located in ‘said’ box is the actual easy-to-follow recipe! I don’t have to flip through cookbooks or figure out if I remembered to buy soy sauce while my five year old sobs that he hates me because I won’t let him get a permanent tattoo.

You can schedule your delivery time, customize your weekly menu and plan your entire dinner menus- all without leaving the house!

The recipes state exactly how many minutes it will take you to complete the cooking and prep is minimal- sometimes non-existent  Here’s the best part of the recipes: THEY HAVE STEP-BY-STEP PHOTOS so even if you have to stop midway through to explain to the sobbing two year old who is in hysterics because you’ve not allowed him to drink toilet bowl cleaner and you can even make yourself eligible for the good parenting award by taking the time to explain why almond milk might be a better option for digestion.

I rather dare you to look at the HelloFresh recipes. If you are trying to be a noble vegetarian then absolutely do not look at the Moroccan Beef Stew with Charred Corgette because you might find yourself chewing through a bag of crisps….without bothering to open the bag. You have the option of going straight vegetarian and we are thinking of alternating since we’ve become obsessed with the gnocchi, spinach and goats cheese with pine nuts. I always forget pine nuts no matter how many lists I make and then find them six months later in the back of the cabinet. What’s genius about HelloFresh is that there is no waste! No unidentifiable ingredients lost forever behind old halloween candy. 

Even when you’ve attempted to get out of your dinner rut and lost hours of your life on Pinterest only to discover that no matter how much you plead and give your best google translate attempt, Delhaize does not sell Harissa.  Simply open your laptop and hallelujah! Your dinner problems are solved!  Welcome to HelloFresh and welcome to no longer feeling like dinner is a boring chore. Your family will thank you….if they aren’t busy making toilet cleaner cocktails.

Order your HelloFresh box today!!  

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Meredith Moss
Meredith shot to fame at an early age, playing Jesus in her school play. It has been downhill from there. Needing gainful employment, she worked as a television producer in Los Angeles until she met her British husband in a seedy beach bar. An enthusiastic expat, she is a good cook, a bad parker and occasionally terrible mother.


  1. Our Tim applied for a summer job with them was offered but turn it down as the thought of talking to “weird” people about vegatables was too much , we don’t count


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