Dinner at the Domaine: A Must-Try Event at L&R Kox!

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of Domaine L&R Kox. It’s one of the most interesting wineries in Luxembourg and happens to be run by an incredible family. Luckily for us, we will now have the opportunity to feel like one of the Kox clan. On June 2, they will hold the first of a series of dinners where you can Dine at the Domaine!

You will be welcomed into a charming and relaxed environment, and Rita Kox will prepare a delicious meal of regional cuisine while Laurent, her husband, will propose all the perfect accompanying wines and crémants.

The dinner starts from 7pm onwards and there are 2 choices of menu for the evening:

Classical menu:
Appetizer: Vegetable terrine in herb vinaigrette
Main course: Gulash (beef) with sautéed potatoes and salad
Dessert: Vanilla parfait with cherries in Pinot Noir
Café, cookies
served with selected wines and crémants!

Vegan menu:
Appetizer: Quinoa salad with beetroot and green lentils
Main course: Steamed vegetables with sautéed potatoes and hummus
Dessert: Rhubarb crumble
Café, cookies
served with selected wines and crémants!

60.- euros p.p. dinner and drinks included.

Please RVSP no later than 22 May and make sure to mention any food allergies when booking! (As soon as your order is received, your purchase becomes binding and irrevocable.)

If you can’t make it to dinner, be sure to stop by Domaine L&R Kox during this year’s Wine Taste Enjoy Festival June 2-5 where you will be able to taste their amazing wines and take a visit of their cellars!!

Domaine Laurent & Rita Kox
6a Rue des Prés
L-5561 Remich
+352 23 69 84 94

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Amanda Roberts
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