Le Zai- A Gastronomical Ride of Flavours

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As I approached the entry, all of my senses were summoned.  The air was filled with the most delicious of aromas, the decor and colour scheme were inviting in its elegant simplicity. I picked up a mild, underlying chattering of ladies which made for pleasant acoustics. When you are welcomed with warm handshakes and smiling eyes, you immediately feel you are at the right place. I went to a blogger’s event at Le Zai so I got the perfect opportunity to have one of my favourite cuisines and meet some lovely ladies. Elodie Schmitt who was our host for the evening made sure that there was never a dull moment.

Sitting quietly in Strassen since 2009 this Chinese restaurant takes you on a gastronomical ride of flavours. When you step inside Le Zai, you step into comfort, elegance and authenticity. The decor soothes the eyes and the pink satin table napkins add a zing to your evening.

When it comes to food the menu of Le Zai is not your average Chinese. It has sophistication and novelty while complimenting the traditional Shanghai imprint. Many items on the menu are a treat to your taste buds as well as your eyes as they are prepared  table side. The whole experience is artfully presented and the stomach is simply delighted as well.

One of their specialities is Zheng’s Duck. It is a whole duck carved in front of you and served with hot pancakes, fresh salad and sauce. The experience of Zheng’s Duck is not limited to what happens on the table but begins laboriously in its preparations. It is the work of several hours and many stages of cooking that you get this beautiful, golden crispy duck which explodes a world of piquancy in your mouth. 

Apart from the Zheng’s Duck which was a golden ticket, there were many dishes which swept me off my feet. It began with the fried sushi as amuse-bouche and continued with the most glorious of fresh sushi to follow. We then dove into Canard aux 5 épices as well as canard au soya which was created with the most perfectly matched spices. 

The dinner ended with a scoop of ginger ice cream served with coconut mochi.

The overall experience was fantastic.The presentation was unbeatable, the flavours authentic and all was complimented by lovely service. 

Le Zai is located at 273 Route d’Arlon, 8010 Strassen, Luxembourg.


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