COCOTTES: The Perfect Table, The Perfect Christmas!

Photos courtesy of Cocotte
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What if someone told you that you need not brace yourself for battle, don your frenzied December food shopping hat and prepare to elbow your way through the aisles of Auchan searching for ingredients to make your Christmas dinner?

Of course- the food shopping isn’t even the beginning because the prep actually starts right as you are opening your first advent window. The Ole Christmas Dinner: the meal you mentally prep for weeks and spend countless hours trolling Pinterest looking for the perfect side so that this year your mother-in-law won’t be allowed to take such joy in pointing out the lumps in your mashed potatoes? In between wrestling the bird and running out of butter, if this Christmas meal is anything like last year, the food might be ready around 2 am.  If a repeat isn’t something that sends you dancing down the street then we are about to share with you the secret to a calm Christmas.

Our friends at COCOTTES have designed the most gorgeous menu that you can pre-order from the last week in November until December 18th.

You can effortlessly glide into one of their stores on the 23rd or on Christmas Eve until noon. They will give you the instructions and tell you exactly what to do.
Perhaps you anticipate the post-Christmas slump and want to ring in the New Year with friends but know you won’t feel like slaving over a stove?! Pick up your New Years Meal from the 27th to the 31st at noon. Almost all of it is vacuum sealed so you can actually keep it between five and seven days.

You could even pass off the meals as your own by presenting them on your own dishes. By choosing COCOTTES, you are choosing your deception wisely and your mother-in-law will be none the wiser, although most likely less judgemental.

There are 7 options for mains, 6 starters and 4 desserts with one perusal of the menu- (with options like foie gras, lobster, salmon tartare and traditional terrine)- you will be humming Bing Crosby while you pop some bottles.
Keep in mind, when you’ve spent all night putting together a bike and are greeting the holiday on two hours sleep, you are probably feeling less than jolly so minimize your stress and let COCOTTES take the strain out of your Christmas and New Years Dinner!

The Perfect Table

Mini aperitif jars

Scallops snackée,
Salmon gravelax, lentils, beluga & tzatziki
Risotto Safron & girolles

Risotto with langoustines
Tartare de saumon with citrus caviar & guacamole

Roasted monkfish with satay spices, mashed sweet potatoes, braised chicory
Lobster and cod, bisque and root vegetables

Lobster salad with exotic fruit.

Venison with hazelnuts, grand hunter sauce with vegetables and fruit
Lobster Salad with exotic Fruit

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