Duchess Boulevard: The search for the perfect shoe

Photo courtesy of Duchess Boulevard/ Featuring Sara Botton, The Ivory Diary
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Creative people often have too many ideas. This can be a curse and a blessing. Inga had a clear vision…and our feet reap the benefits!

In Her Shoes

It was that dreaded week between Christmas and New Years Eve, when women find themselves trying to piece together their New Years outfit.  Inga went on a massive hunt to try to find the perfect shoes to match the dress.  It all started because she wanted to take the decoration off the heel and dazzle the shoe. She traipsed around town to the shops, foraging for materials. Any good entrepreneur identifies a gap in the market and essentially works out how to fill it by getting expert advice. Through trial and error, they fine tune their product.

Without a background in IT or fashion, Inga can tell you in great detail about her amusing failures in designing the flawless shoe that we at CSL are utterly obsessed with.

She tried various materials. Magnets worked but meant that the wearer had to walk extremely slow and significant additional weight meant no running for the bus! Her vision of the ultimate shoe became her guiding light!

The Perfect Pair

Luckily, she could afford to spend time shoe hunting rather than man hunting so when she was faced with how to get holes in the shoe she recruited her lawyer (yet obviously handy) boyfriend to the cause. After all, when it comes to talented designers, quite often the key to success is putting the right team of professionals in place!  Many trials, many errors, he solved the problem and the result is now patented. Little did her boyfriend know, this victory meant he’d soon be schlepping through Italian shoe factories. The final product is designed in Lux, produced in Italy and the results are sophisticated, chic and simply divine.

Your Mood, Your Shoes.

Fashion is a fast-paced industry which we all know is constantly changing. The glory of Duchess Boulevard is that the shoes can change with the tides of the trends. You can choose what sort of adornment you’d like. You have the classic ballet flat or sexy stiletto heel as your blank canvas and if you are feeling like a rocker, then make your outfit pop with the skull. If you are feeling like a seductress, it’s a glamorous Marilyn lips kind of day. Work in the morning, drinks in the evening? Throw the applixx in your purse and you have two pairs of shoes: Business now, Party later.

The Deconstructed Shoe

Duchess Boulevard provides you with new and innovative shoes which will change the way you shop. Inga has single handedly deconstructed the shoe and provides fashionistas with options. Currently we have one pair of shoes, which due to the applixx becomes five very different pairs! What we like is that there are no fashion commitments because you customise your style; they can be as glam or as conservative as you like. Duchess Boulevard provides you with your own sartorial symbols that hint at your personality be it business or pleasure…or in the blink of an eye; both.

Duchess Blvd can be found at Chaussures R.V. at City Concorde, at Shopping Village Pall Center and the bracelets are available at Luxembourg House as well.

You can also order directly from Duchess Boulevard’s website. To support Duchess Boulevard (and get an amazing deal on their shoes) join their Kickstarter campaign!

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