Rambling in Luxembourg – Bettborn

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Take a trip back in time to the Jurassic era with this peaceful ramble in Bettborn.

This Rambling is a nice walk through the idyllic rural surroundings of the “Préizerdaul” valley in the Redange canton.

Start near the soccer field on the main road in Bettborn (lux. Bieberech) and head north. After 120 m, turn left and leave the village past a beautiful farm. Dive into the hilly countryside and roam the fields, enjoying the silence and the expansive views of the region. Pass by the hamlet of Horace (lux. Horas), cross the country road CR 116 and you’ll get to the peaceful valley of the “Breschterbaach” brook.

For all you geologists out there, this is quite an interesting place where you can witness firsthand the merging of old and new. Just after the bridge at kilometre 3,52 beneath the slope on the right side of the brook, ancient Devonian rocks (schists) crop out. Further along, the rock type changes to younger Triassic conglomerates, forming the first Mesozoic sediments to be found in Luxembourg. This disconformity proves a sedimentation gap of about 180 million years between the two different natural regions in Luxembourg: the “Eislek” region in the north, consisting of ancient Devonian rock types and the “Guttland” region in the south, with its younger Triassic and Jurassic basement. The border between the two regions can roughly be traced from Roodt (west, near the Belgian border) to Bettel (east, near the German border).

You’ll leave the valley on a gentle slope and cross the “Groholz” forest, discovering some mysterious sculptures beside the path, created on tree stubs by an unknown artist.

Then, return to the starting point, sauntering over farmland and crossing the village of Pratz (lux. Proz) with its rural heritage.

AP* Bettborn (10 km)

Region: West
Duration: 2 h
Elevation: 274-403 m
Level: moderate (5/10)
Walking ground quality: good

*(Autopedestre- footpath)

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Laurent Jacquemart

When Luxembourgish Laurent isn’t teaching at the Lycée Josy Barthel, he’s following his passion for photography, earth sciences, history and rambling in his homeland. Laurent started up the Facebook page, Hiking in Luxembourg, in 2016 and will also be sharing his routes with City Savvy readers, bringing them to life with his beautiful photographs.


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