Postcard Contest Winners

Photo by Abhinav Malasi
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We are excited to announce the winners of our Love Letters to Luxembourg postcard contest. Our favourites were photos by Abhinav Malasi, Alexandra Allen and Andrea Hejduková. 


The quality was unbelievable although we promise your name didn’t have to start with an ‘A’ to be our favourite! We will be printing these photos onto postcards and we will invite residents and tourists to write a letter or make a drawing explaining or illustrating something they love about Luxembourg.

We believe these postcards will engage people to express their love for Luxembourg while displaying pride for our adopted country and the diversity it embraces. The postcards will be made available at local businesses, schools and the tourist office making it easy for everyone to participate!

Next April, the project will kick-off with large-scale postcards created by amazing artists being placed throughout Luxembourg. Then the project will culminate with an actual public art show in June of 2018 where people can hang their postcards and get personally involved with the project. In true CSL fashion, it will be a massive party for all of our readers. 

On Facebook, we will create a competition for the best expression of what people love about Luxembourg and on Instagram people can enter their favourite photo – all under the campaign name #loveletterslux

Watch This Space!!!!

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