The Mudam Gets Royally Delighted

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, delighted Luxembourg by paying a visit to the Grand Duchy yesterday.

She packed a lot into her short one day trip to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of London in 1867. Many fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of the beautiful Kate and some of the luckier visitors even managed to have a chat with the Princess.

Kate seemed to truly enjoy the time she spent at the Mudam, visiting the Tony Cragg exhibit and having Darren Almond himself present her with his Timescape exhibition. She also met with some of Luxembourg’s young leaders and some very excited children.

After Kate departed, the Mudam invited all of Kate’s fans in to share a British tea and discover the museum.


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Amanda Roberts
Amanda was born in Belgium, Wisconsin, home of the Luxembourg Fest of America and graduated to the real Luxembourg approximately 5 years ago. You can follow Amanda's journey to uncork all the amazing wine Luxembourg has to offer on her blog LuxUncorked.


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