Yoaké the Ultimate Spa

photo by Christian Ashman
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Located a stone’s throw away from the iconic tree lined Avenue Liberte, Yoaké the Ultimate Spa is a hidden gem tucked away discreetly on Boulevard de la Pétrusse.  Yoaké, which takes it’s name from the Japanese word for Sunrise, is indeed, an oasis of tranquility hovering on the edge of Luxembourg’s bustling city centre. What sets Yoaké apart from other spas is their passion for wellness and a holistic approach of longevity and life quality catering to both men and women. Ancient techniques are combined with a contemporary methods which mean you walk out energized.  

The name in itself begs the question- when did you last watch the sunrise?

In Luxembourg, most of us are juggling more than we ever have before and attempting to do so in three different languages. After a summer spent in a different country, maybe even on a different continent, an alarming number of us are bordering on exhaustion just as the seasons are quickly changing and we are ‘re-entering’ into our life in Lux. Our natural rhythms are out of wack and it is fundamentally time to start taking care of ourselves. We need the experts who look to ancient techniques to reenergize and minimize the effects of time.

We know the importance of recharging our batteries and more than anything, Yoaké understands that a healthy mind is the key to happiness.

Sometimes life is so busy that the process of carving out the time for relaxation means you arrive to your appointment exhausted and dehydrated with a pounding headache. This delightful hideaway welcomes you with a Japanese tea and small snacks which means you begin your treatment with an exhale as well as adequate blood sugar. After a few quiet moments in a calm and private room, you are greeted by an enchanting and an ultra attentive therapist who intuitively tailors your treatment according to your needs.

Yoaké combines five star hospitality with the commitment to spiritual well-being. The spa encourages energy flow upon entry with its minimal and clutter-free interiors. This is a sanctuary that helps you disconnect and find balance. Their quality of treatments on offer and the harmonious interiors leave no room for tension.  

A little secret: Aromatherapy Associates custom-blended oils made with ginger, mandarin and frankincense are sure to revive even the most jaded of jet-lagged executives.

The bespoke experience of Yoaké is about taking stock and rebooting. We know the body needs rest and rejuvenation. With the demands of our busy lives, this isn’t always possible but we can look to Yoaké as the days get shorter to help us strengthen our immune system through stimulating energy flow. We need to listen to our bodies, stop ignoring our headaches and take a moment to exhale. Maybe autumn is the time to take care of ourselves and breath. Maybe autumn is the time for Yoaké.

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