Tune Alert: February Awakening

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It is early February and we seem to have woken up in alternative reality. In a world, which looks like ours, but is just a tad too gloomy and a little bit too pessimistic. Weirdly enough, music seems to have already adjusted to this new situation and reflects it in its own way, in a broken mirror, with its minor scales and weeping synthesisers. Here are three new songs which sound like unwanted visions of what may be to come.


Jamiroquai “Automaton”

The title track from the upcoming Jamiroquai album, “Automaton” begins with an explosion of an atomic bomb and then moves on to electro-infused sounds and catastrophic premonitions, all in the rhythm of hypnotic disco. Musically saturated with cinematic electronic vibes, it brings to mind such science fiction soundtracks as “Blade Runner” or “Tron”, with the latter having been composed by Daft Punk. The band’s first new tune since 2010 delivers images of post-end-of-the-world destruction which, in 2017, no longer looks unlikely or futuristic.

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Rømans “Love Is The Beast”

Probably the saddest and the most tearful song I have heard this year. “Love is deceased”, declares Rømans, in the first line of this haunting song, accompanied by a rhythm of a monotonously looped bassline, on a backdrop of emotionally restrained synthesisers. “Love Is The Beast” is the ultimate love anti-anthem. Do not listen to it when you’re out shopping for jewellery or chocolates, or when stomped for words, trying to find alternative ways of saying “Happy Valentine’s”.

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Rag’n’Bone Man “Skin”

Rag’n’Bone Man doesn’t stop amazing me. Song after song, he consistently delivers emotionally beautiful, soulful tunes, with a strong message. After “Human”, “Skin” is the second single coming from Rag’n’Bone’s highly anticipated debut album, out 10th February. It is also no coincidence that this incredibly thrilling song closes this month’s Tune Alert. “We came so close, it was almost love”, go the lyrics, but they also leave us with the one and only thing that we all need to help us keep looking forward with a smile. HOPE.

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Featured photo: Sai Kiran Anagani/unsplash

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