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The Food For Your Senses (FFYS) open air festival is THIS WEEKEND! Are you ready to ditch the anxious attitude, grab a yoga mat and watch the sun go down in the heart of Kirchberg’s secret garden?

What do internationally acclaimed bands, camping, cocktails, gourmet food stands, poetry slams, architectural installations, oestopaths, graffiti workshops and shipment containers have in common? They all nourish your soul and thanks to FFYS, we find a deep sense of connection.


What is Food For Your Senses? It’s a 3-day festival of music and art and making things and hanging out with old friends and making new ones and drinking rad cocktails and being sustainable; you know?

Oh, it’s also about satisfying people’s curiosity and taking in an atmosphere that was initially cooked up by a bunch of rather brilliant and wise-beyond- their-years teenagers 10 years ago. ‘Said’ teenagers now have kids and so as they’ve evolved, so has the festival while carefully maintaining the hedonistic vibe. They’ve kept their original ethos of creating a space where artists can get together and inspire one another and by moving it’s location from a small village to the heart of the city, they’ve kicked it up a notch and as the momentum has grown, so has the venue.

The four stages make sure that music centres the action but the diverse activities mean that people of all ages and interests are catered to. There will be art exhibitions in a shipping container city which has been built in the past few months by some of the 50 (half international, half Luxembourgish) volunteers. For those who are globally aware there will be talks about the distressing issues and how to engage and inspire, and for the smaller guests there will be a type of haven for kids featuring small games and big toys!

Keeping in tune with the international flavor of Luxembourg, this year, FFYS will feature the psychedelic Swedish band, Goat, who played Glastonbury’s main stage as well as an energetic German band, (AnnenMayKantereit) who normally plays in front of 25K people but who wants to return to its roots. No strangers to convention: De Läb Orchastra; a notorious rap duo accompanied by a classical music orchestra will make it impossible to keep your head from bobbing.

No festival is complete without gastronomic treats and FFYS is armed with its own foodie village featuring dishes from Rwanda, India, Afghanistan and Syria along with traditional less-exotic fare featuring fruits and vegetables they’ve been growing on the festival grounds since planning began in September of last year.

The festival takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of August and features 80 shows on 4 stages. Camping as well as RV parking is available and the festival can be reached by the bus line 18 as well as by your own private form of transport be it two wheels or four. There is parking offered for either.

Attending Food For Your Senses isn’t just a festival, it is a movement. It just might spark a light you didn’t know existed while giving you a sense of shared experience which is something we all need in this incredibly diverse, yet sometimes isolating place we call home.

For more information, follow FFYS on their facebook page.

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Practical Info

Opening Hours

Friday 5:00pm-5:00am

Saturday 12:00pm-3:00am

Sunday 12:00-1:00am

Getting There

We highly recommend using the public transports to reach the festival. A guarded bicycle space is available next to the entrance gate.

Bus: The bus line 18 stops at the festival entrance. All over the weekend, thanks to the Ville de Luxembourg, busses will drive increasingly from the central station and the city centre to our festival site and back, until late at night. The transport network in the city centre will be free of charge on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday and Saturday these buses can also be used to reach the CFL night trains to the South and North. On Friday and Saturday there will be more than 20 regular and free of charge ‘late night buses’ that pass the festival site and drive through more than 150 villages all over the country.


A vast camping area as well as a campers camping are set right to the festival site. The camping is only accessible to visitors holding a 3-day pass and is included in the price.

The camping area opens its gates on Thursday, August 3rd at 5:00pm and closes on Monday, August 7th at noon.

Due to potential risks, it is totally forbidden to make fire on the camping site, as it is on the entire festival site. We also ask you to use your camping gas devices at the brunch square next to the camping shop

Age Limits

Kids until 12 will be admitted to the festival free of charge, but only under the supervision of a parent or relative. Visitors under the age of 16 will be admitted to the camping grounds, but only in possession of a signed parental authorisation and under the supervision of an entitled grown up person. Visitors under the age of 18 will be admitted to the festival in possession of a signed parental authorisation which can be downloaded from our website.


Both food and beverages can only be payed with festival coins. The festival coins can be purchased at the coin stalls indicated on our site map (not far from food & drinks!) and the box office – depending on the traffic. The box office, the coin stalls, the merch stand, and the camping shop accept cash and every current credit card, but no chips.


The more responsible you act, the less time and money we’ll have to waste on cleaning the grounds. For every full trash bag you hand over to the camping crew, you’ll be given a drink token, that you’ll be able to use at the festival. Basically, if you pick up some rubbish in the morning, your afternoon will be cheaper. Also! Please, please, please, take your tent with you. Last edition, we’ve had to spend thousands of euros to get rid of the tents that were left behind. If it’s broken, leave it at the entrance with the other things you don’t want to take home.

Electricity, Water & Showers 

There is no access to electricity on the camping area. You may charge your mobile phones or other electrical equipment at the POST stand inside the festival area. You will have access to running water. Showers are available from 10:00 to 14:00 at the school across the street. Ask at the entrance and follow the signs.

Pall Center Camping Shop & Brunch 

The Pall Center camping shop will enable you to purchase a range of high necessity products including cool beer, fresh water, basic food, tampons, and all sorts of other stuff!

Brunch is served every morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

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