5 marriage survival tips

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Most of us know it’s important to invest a bit of time in “our other half”, but sometimes it’s all too easy to let things slip, dropping your partner to the bottom of a very long “to do” list. Sarita Rao gives us her suggestions for keeping the magic of marriage alive.


Find a babysitter

Forget all those films about children going on adventures with their teenage babysitter. If you want a night out with your partner, you will need one.

Communes provide lists of teenagers with first aid training who are available to babysit. Check that they aren’t foaming at the mouth and that they haven’t brought a taser as a babysitting aid. Do not tell them that your children know any swear words or the histrionics that will follow the mention of the word “bedtime”.

Get out on a date

Dinner, theatre, twenty glasses of Crémant on a bar crawl. Whatever it is that you and your significant other enjoy most, get out and do it. Luxembourg can offer nearly all types of entertainment, excepting perhaps mass orgies, cult meetings, or romantic dinners at the top of a volcano. Oh, and if you are thinking about skinny dipping, please read the weather forecast in advance.

A romantic dinner at home

OK, so getting out of the house may not be an option, particularly if you didn’t like the way the babysitter was twitching and muttering. In which case, get out the candles and order a take away. Don’t cook. There is nothing like trying out an “easy and romantic” recipe to discover how dreadful you are in the kitchen when it comes to making anything other than pasta. Soggy, overcooked or burnt food is not going to be the aphrodisiac you are hoping for, and no one looks attractive with a red, sweaty “kitchen slave” face.

Switch off the TV

Not talking is one of the biggest reasons that couples drift apart. So switch off that episode of “Sherlock” or “Billions”, and open the lines of communication. We all know how boring it is to hear about office politics and how annoying “blah, blah” person is during meetings. But pin back your ears and practise your “earnestly interested” look. Feeling listened to is almost as romantic as sexy lingerie, do not under-estimate it.

Laugh over memories

If it feels like sometimes you and your spouse have nothing in common any more, get out a few photo albums that pre-date the birth of any offspring. Holiday snaps of you both attempting to ski, surf or ride a camel are sure to make you laugh. A picture of the Taj Mahal might be just the thing to makes you reminisce for hours about how you both got dysentery on a 20 hour train journey with no toilet stops. Adversity and adventures bring people together, so remind yourselves of some of your shared memories.

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Sarita Rao
Sarita ditched the day job in London for a less hectic life in Luxembourg in August 2013. She spends her days freelance writing, arbitrating fights between her children, and waiting for ‘wine o’clock’ time (that’s 6pm for most mothers).



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