What’s on for Families: Summer Camps

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Summer is a-coming and it’s time to book up these camps for a fun-filled season.

(School holidays: Luxembourgish schools: July 14-September 15; St. George: June 30-September 5; ISL: June 28 (midday)-August 30; European School: July 7-September 5 (tbc))

Summer Holiday Places at Sunflower Moutfort and Findel Eagle building for children up to 12 years old

sunflower_logoSchool Holiday Fun with Sunflower – art, crafts, storytelling, poetry and much more! Morning, afternoon or fulltime! Invoices can be processed using the cheque service system!

Where: Sunflower Montessori Crèches Moutfort and Findel Eagle building – check out the website for the exact addresses
When: morning, afternoon or fulltime
Age: up to 12 years old in Moutfort and the Eagle building in Findel

Camps with Languages.lu (French, English, German)

Languages.lu is not a dull language school that your kid will dread going to. This is a CAMP based on something kids call FUN and little do they know- their brains are not only acquiring a new language to communicate in, they are gaining cultural awareness and compassion for others with different backgrounds. Your kids will acquire or improve on a language through an interactive learning experience including fun activities like cooking, sports, crafts, etc.

Where: 6 Rue Marguerite de Brabant, 1254 Luxembourg
When: all school holidays (full or half day camps available)
Age: 6-18 years

Summer Art Classes with Sonja Soyer

Process-oriented, explorative art making through a wide-range of structured activities. Sonja believes that children need hands-on art experiences that excite their imagination while boosting their curiosity and creativity.

When: Monday-Friday from 10am-12pm; July 10-14 & July 17-21
Age: 6-12 years old

Art and Sports: Zenergy Kids and Pop Art (in French/English)

Art classes and sports activities (recreational and sports activities that will take place on the 90m2 tatami of the karate school).

Where: ZENERGY KIDS, 83 parc d’activités, L – 8308 Capellen
When: 17/07-21/07; 24/07-28/07; 28/08-1/09;4/09-8/09
Age: 4-12 years

Art Workshops:  Foyer des Arts (in French)

Children will be able to choose what they want to make from several models on display or simply invent something themselves.

Where: Foyer des Arts, 15 rue des Scillas, L-2529 Howald
When: June, July, August and September
Age: 8-12 years

Art: Art Camp with iKri8 and Kids Painting Parties

HALF or FULL DAYS.  Activities: drawing, painting, mixed media and different art projects. All material is provided.

Where: rue St Ulric, Luxembourg
When: 10/07/2017 to 15/07/2017
Age: 6-8 & 9+ years; painting party: 4+ years
Cost: Early bird prices available so check out the website

Art Workshops: KIDSLAB: Cupcake (in English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Registration required)

Many different workshops for kids during the break. Check out the website for details.

Where: Kulturhuef, 54, route de Trèves, L-6793 Grevenmacher
When: July and August
Age: 5-12 years

Art Workshops: IMAGY NATION (in Fr)

Many different workshops for kids during the break. Check out the website for details.

Where: Atelier créatif   Rue des Faubourgs, 46 6700 Arlon, Belgium
When: July and August
Age: 5-12 years

Art:  Kulturhaus Niederanven

Check out the workshop details!

Where: Kulturhaus Niederanven, 145, route de Trèves, Niederanven
When: July 15-21
Age: 9-12 years

Art Workshops: Mudam (in Fr, EN, De)

Various workshops for kids. Check out the website for more details.

Where: Mudam Luxembourg, 3 Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg
When: July and August
Age: 3-12 years

Art: Theatre workshops (in French/Lux)

The workshops are open for all who want to master the art of theatre performance!

Where: Salles de Luxembourg-Neudorf, 595L Route de Neudorf,  L-2220, Luxembourg
When: July and August
Age: 8-11 & 12-15 years

Entrepreneurs:  Lux Future Lab Summer School (registration deadline: 31May)

The objective of the annual summer school is to help 16-18 year olds to pro-actively think about their future. The 2 week training is structured around out-of-the-box entrepreneurial thinking & the search for excellence!

Where: Lux Future Lab, Luxembourg
When:  17-28 July
Age: 16-18 years

Farm: Summer Camp at the Farm (in Fr)

A fun summer camp where kids do various activities around the farm (lil’ones can take a siesta too)!

Where: La ferme d’A Yaaz, Route de l’Ermitage 344, 6717 Attert, Belgium
When:  July and August
Age: 3-12 years

Farm: Summer Camp at the A Schmatten farm

A fun summer camp where kids can experience first-hand the life in the farm!

Where: A Schmatten 40, rue de Canach L-5368 Schuttrange’
When:  July and August
Age: 3-12 years

Horses: Poney Holiday Camp

Pony Camp Days run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday during the summer holidays. These days are mainly educational. The children start to learn bits of everything about horses and ponies, including what they eat, how to clean the stable + equipment, bathing the ponies, etc.

Where: Baybees Riding School, Schuttrange
When:  July, August
Age: 4+ years

Horses: Liewenshaff de la Päerd’s Atelier

Introduction to Horses, carriage rides, indoor and outdoor games, crafts and cooking activities.

Where: Liewenshaff de la Päerd’s Atelier,32 Duerfstrooss, L-9165 Merscheid
When: July, Aug and Sept
Age: 6-13 years

Horses: Riding Holidays with Bricher Paerdsstall

Riding, grooming, feeding, all about horses, pony games, campfires, riding lessons and much more fun!

Where: 15, am Zeep, L-7415 BROUCH (MERSCH)
When: August & September
Age: 5 + years

Languages: Summer Camps in Belgium and France with ADEPS

Summer camps covering a range of activities for different ages! Check out the website for details.

Where: throughout Belgium and France
When: July & August
Age: 3-17 years

Languages: Camps with Berlitz

The perfect combination of language learning and having a fun holiday: ‘Learning by Speaking’! For kids and teens from 7 to 17 years old. Languages: English, French, German, and Dutch.

Where: Luxembourg
When: July & August
Age: 7-17 years

Languages : Language Summer Camps with DEPAUW

Language holidays with intensive lessons combined with one or more sports. Residential stays or host families.

Where: various countries
When: July & August
Age: any age

Languages : German Language Summer Camp

Language holidays with intensive lessons combined with one or more sports. Residential stays or host families. The Goethe-Institut in cooperation with the European cultural institution Institut Pierre Werner, is offering German language courses in the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg. The courses are especially developed for pupils of a non-German background. The goal is to improve the children’s performance at school as well as to enhance their competence in order to facilitate obtaining of language certificates.

Where: various countries
When: August 28-September 1
Age: Varies per course, check the website for more info

Languages : Summer Camps in France with Gentiane-en-piste

Summer camps covering a range of activities for different ages! Check out the website for details.

Where: throughout France
When: July and August
Age: 6-17 years

Languages : Summer Camp with Prolingua  (French and English)

The summer academy is a language learning programme that is also a place for young people to meet, discuss, communicate and enjoy learning.

Where: 45a, Avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg
When: July-Sept
Age: 13-19  years

Languages : Summer Camps in Belgium with SKITEN 

Live-in summer camps for children in the exceptional domaine of the Emines castle. The daily program consists of: 2 hours of language class (the instructors teach French, English or Dutch in their native language), 2 hours of tennis or cooking and 2 hours of various artistic workshops or team sports. In the evenings, the instructors offer animations for all: Olympics, Fort Boyard challenges, etc.

Where: Emines castle, Belgium
When: July-Sept
Age: 6-15 years

Languages : Summer Courses in Oxford

St. Clare’s, Oxford offers summer language courses for juniors and teenagers. Besides the language classes it provides residential accommodation, Breakfast, lunch , an evening meal and excursions.

Where: Oxford, UK
When: July & August
Age: 10-17 years

Math : Math Activity Camp (in English)

Maths activity camp for children. Have fun playing games and learn your numbers too!! Small groups!

Where: 11,rue jean Pierre Sauvage L-2514 (kirchberg)
When: July-Sept
Age: up to 10 year olds
Cost: €50 (includes materials and snacks provided)

Montessori Summer Camp

Summer camp based on the Montessori method!

Where: Doni Doni Montessori, 66 Rue de Mamer, L-8081 Bertrange, Luxembourg
When: July & Aug
Age: 3-9 years

Music: Irish Summer School ( Reservation required)

Classes in step dansing, singing (traditional songs), tin whistle and drama (covers Irish mythology and legends)!

Where:  JEC, 23 avenue gaston Diderich, Belair, 1420 Luxembourg
When: July 31 -August 4
Age: 6+years

Nature Camp (in De)

Experience volcanoes up close in this unforgettable holiday camp. What is more exciting than discovering the world on your own? Here, curious and adventurous children can make a camp fire, take part in expeditions and make new friends!

Where: Mosenbergstraße 17, 54531 Manderscheid, Germany
When: July
Age: 8-11 years

Science Workshops at the Natural History Museum

Science workshops – check out the dates on the calendar of the website  for details of each workshop!

Where: Natural History Museum, 25, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg
When: July, August and September
Age: various (5+ years)

Space Adventure Camps (in English, French or Dutch)

The Euro Space Center in Belgium offers a number of Space Adventure Camps for 8+ years old kids. Check out the website for details!

Where: 1, rue Devant les Hêtres,  B-6890 Transinne, Belgium
When: July, August and Sept
Age: 8+ years

Sports: Cricket Camp

Luxembourg Cricket Federation/Academy Juniors will host a  5-day training event with Owen Williamson (Cricket Development and coaching officer from the UK) as lead coach.

Where: Rue de l’Alzette, Walferdange L-7210
When: July 18- July 22
Age: 6 – 15 (groups organised by age and experience)
Cost: 150 (members) 170 (non-members), all food and drink provided with a bbq to close on the last day.


Sports: Football & Soccer Camp

Football Camps for boys and girls.

Where: International School of Luxembourg Sports Complex, Merl
When: July 1-August
Age: 4 -18

Sports: Badminton at Aller Badminton Club (in English)

All equipment provided and all abilities welcome. Coach May is a registered English Badminton coach who delivers enjoyable sessions focused on training in a fun and friendly environment. Using Fun drills, games and challenges, your child can expect to:  Play exciting matches against others; learn the rules of this exciting game; Develop hand-eye and general coordination; enjoy setting their own goals and challenging themselves to aim higher!

25% DISCOUNT for brothers and sisters who sign up for 5 Days!  10% DISCOUNT for both children when you refer a friend!

Where: CK Sports Centre Kockelscheuer, 20
Route de Bettembourg, L-1899 Kockelscheuer
When: July 3-7; July 24-28; August 7-11
Age: Bambini (3-6 years with parent supervision); Junior (7+ years)
Contact: Limited spaces so reserve asap: aller.sports@gmail.com.

Sports: SOCCER-SOCCER Summer Camp

Kids will learn new soccer skills and enjoy playing different types of soccer, without a coach or parental involvement.

Where: see various locations here
When: Summer months (see website for exact dates)
Age: 4-17  years

Sports Camp at Top Squash (French, English, German)

Activities include squash, football, various games on the squash court and outside (weather permitting). Children are split into different age groups. All snacks, drinks and lunch are provided.

Where: TopSquash, Zone Sportive, 25 rue de la Gare, L-5218 Sandweiler
When: July & August
Age: 5-16 years

Sports: Ville de Luxembourg

Sports camps organized by VdL. This year’s program consists of 4 “Mini Sport-Wochen” for young people aged 11 to 12 and 14 “Sport-Wochen” for 13 to 17 years. There are camps with and without overnight stays. The duration of each camp is between 4 and 7 days.

Where: Luxembourg, Netherlands
When: July, August and September
Age: 11-17 years
Cost: varies

Sports: The Little Gym Camps (in English, French)

The Little Gym holiday camps offers fun and activities. The specially developed themed camp curriculum combines physical fitness and play with arts, crafts and special events. It’s the perfect break for kids (and parents!)

Where: 5 Rue Pletzer, L-8080 Bertrange
When:  July & August
Age: 3–12 years

Various activities: Aktioun Bambësch (in Lux)

Outside games, sports activities, walks, theatre and much more! Participation is free!

Where: Special buses depart between 13:30h and 14:00h and return the kids at 18:00h. Exact details will be published on the website.
When: July 17 – August 11
Age: 5-12 years

Various Activities: Aktioun Jugend Aktiv

Varied program – sports, interacyive games, cultural activities. No need to register! Participation is free!
Where: A special bus runs between Muhlenbach and Itzigerstee, Centre Aldringen, central station and Bonnevoie. Kids are under the responsibility of CAPEL from the time they get on the bus until they get off.

When: July-Augusr: 14:00-18:00h
Age: 13-17 years

Various Activities – BDK Camps (In French)

Football, as well as different themes for the different age groups! Dancing, singing, creative games and sports and much more! Three age groups available: 3-5 years (young artists); 5-7 years (fairies and knights) and 7-12 years (100% sports and fun)

Where:  ITELA – 2 Chemin de Weyler, Arlon, Belgium and Sportshal, rue Jos Moscardo 9, Rodange, Luxembourg
When: see website
Age: 3-15 years

Various Activities: Colonies Luxembourg

Camps for kids covering a range of activities for different ages, incl. organized ski camps! Check out the website for details.

Where: various parts in Luxembourg as well as outside Luxembourg
When: see website
Age: 4-17 years

Various Activities: iPad Coding Workshops

At the end of the “Beginner” program, children will: understand the concepts of “instructions “, “sequencing” and “loops”; be able to create a simple game or an animated scenery with funny characters. At the end of the “Intermediate” program, children will: understand the concepts of “variable”, “function” and “input”; be able to: add gravity and physics to their game, etc.

Children who have never practiced programming with Scratch or ScratchJr should enrol to the Beginner level. The Intermediate level is the most appropriate for children somewhat familiar with Scratch or ScratchJr.

Where: Depending on the number of children, the workshop will take place either in Kirchberg or in Schuttrange.
When: Beginners: Monday (July 10th) to Friday (July 14th); Intermediate: Monday (July 17th to July 21st)- 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Age: To be determined

Various Activities:  Kidsville

Workshops and camps at Kidsville are a place for learning thur playful and fun activities!

Where: Kids’Ville – 57, rue de Beggen L-1221 Luxembourg
When: July 17- September 14
Age: 3-7 years (accompanied by an adult)

Various Activities: Media Camp

Media activity camps for children.

Where: Limpertsberg, Lux Ville
When: July and August
Age: 6-12 years

Various Activities: Inlingua

Tennis, languages and multi-activities workshops!

Where: Tennis-club Bonnevoie, 115 Rue Anatole France, L – 1530 Bonnevoie
When: summer holidays
Age: 6-17 years

This list will be updated and added to regularly, so please keep checking! Check out Alex@What’s On for Kids’ blog ‘What’s On For Kids – Activities for you and your little ones in and around Luxembourg‘. More City Savvy’s recommended family activities here


Photo: Sebastian Pichler/Unsplash

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