Half-term Holiday Camps (Toussaint)

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Half-term is just around the corner – have you got your camp booked?

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Languages: Camp with Languages.lu (French, English, German)

Interactive learning experience through fun activities like cooking, handicrafts etc. (Morning camp)


Where: 6 Rue Marguerite de Brabant, 1254 Luxembourg
When: October 30-31 and November 2-3
Age: 6-18 years

Sonja Soyer: 4 Day – Autumn holiday art workshop for kids

In the classes the kids will be exploring different art techniques, yet the focus for this workshop will be to create 3-dimensional art projects.

Where:  Weimershof/Kirchberg from 10 – 12 o’clock, on all Saints day we will stay closed.
When: Monday 30th October to Tuesday 31st October and from Thursday 2nd November to Friday 3rd November/ from 10 – 12 o’clock, on all Saints day closed.
Age: 6 years – 12 years

Halloween Holiday Places at Sunflower Moutfort and Findel Eagle building for children up to 12 years old

sunflower_logoSchool Holiday Fun with Sunflower – art, crafts, storytelling, poetry and much more! Invoices can be processed using the cheque service system! Contact Sunflower for details!


Where: Sunflower Montessori Crèches Moutfort and Findel Eagle building
When: morning, afternoon or full-time
Age: up to 12 years old in Moutfort and the Eagle building in Findel

Art Workshops: Casino

Different workshops for kids. Check out the website for the details.

Where: Casino Luxembourg, 41, rue Notre-Dame, L-2240 Luxembourg
When: October 28 – November 5
Age: 5-12 years

Art Workshops: Mudam (in Fr, EN, De)

Various workshops for kids. Check out the website for the details.

Where: Mudam Luxembourg, 3 Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg
When: October 28 – November 3
Age: 3-12 years

Art: Theatre workshops (in French/Lux)

The workshops are open for all who want to master the art of theatre performance!

Where: Salles de Luxembourg-Neudorf, 595L Route de Neudorf,  L-2220, Luxembourg
When: October 28 – November 3
Age: 8-11 & 12-15 years

Languages: Camps in Belgium and France with ADEPS

Camps covering a range of activities for different ages! Check out the website for details.

Where: throughout Belgium and France
When: October 29 – November 3
Age: 3-17 years

Halloween Camp at  ZigZag (French, English, German, Luxembourgish)

Bring your children for half a day of fun, or more. We are flexible and welcome your children aged 4 to 10 years for cooperative games, zumba, crafts, cooking, obstacle courses and more. Instructors speak many languages and groups include max. 8 kids.

Where: Zigzag, 7 rue Pletzer, L-8080 Bertrange
When: October 30-31 and November 2-3
Age: 4-10 years

Science Workshops at the Natural History Museum

Science workshops – check out the dates on the calendar of the website for details of each workshop!

Where: Natural History Museum, 25, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg
When: October 28 – November 5
Age: various (5+ years)

Space Adventure Camps (in English, French or Dutch)

The Euro Space Center in Belgium offers a number of Space Adventure Camps for 8+ years old kids. Check out the website for details!

Where: 1, rue Devant les Hêtres • B-6890 Transinne, Belgium
When: October 29 – November 3
Age: 8+ years

Sports: Happy Fitness (FR/EN)

The program: sports activities (fitness, capoeira, zumba, yoga …) and creative, collective games and all kinds of activities and extra club activities. Possibility of enrollment in half-day, we are flexible!

Where: 20 Rue des Peupliers, 2328 Luxembourg
When: October 30 – November 3
Age: 5-14 years

Sports: Football & Soccer Camp

Football Camps for boys and girls

Age: 4 -18
When: October 30 – November 3
Where:  International School of Luxembourg Sports Complex, Merl

Sports: Badminton at Aller Badminton Club (in English)

All equipment provided and all abilities welcome. Coach May is a Badminton England registered coach who delivers enjoyable sessions focusing on training in a fun and friendly environment. Limited spaces so reserve yours asap by contacting aller.sports@gmail.com.

Where: CK Sports Centre Kockelscheuer, 20 Route de Bettembourg, L-1899 Kockelscheuer
When: October 30 – November 3
Age: Bambini (3-6 years with parent supervision); Junior (7+ years)

Sports: Indoor Camp at Coque

Indoor fun camp!

Where: Coque, Luxembourg
When: October 30 – November 3
Age: 8-14 years

Sports Camp at Top Squash (French, English, German)

Activities include squash, football, various games on the squash court and outside (weather permitting). Children are split into different age groups. All snacks, drinks and lunch are provided.

Where: TopSquash, Zone Sportive, 25 rue de la Gare, L-5218 Sandweiler
When: October 30 – November 5
Age: 5-15 years

Various Activities – BDK Camps (In French)

Football, as well as different themes for the different age groups! Dancing, singing, creative games and sports and much more!

Where:  ITELA – 2 Chemin de Weyler, Arlon, Belgium and Sportshal, rue Jos Moscardo 9, Rodange, Luxembourg
When: see website
Age: Three age groups available: 3-5 years (young artists); 5-7 years (fairies and knights) and 7-12 years (100% sports and fun)

Various Activities: Colonies Luxembourg

Camps for kids covering a range of activities for different ages, incl. organized ski camps! Check out the website for details.

Where: various parts in Luxembourg as well as outside Luxembourg
When: see website
Age: 4-17 years

Various activities: Tourist Center Robbesscheier

Check out the website for the various workshops taking place during the holidays for the kids.

Where: Tourist Center Robbesscheier, 1 Frummeschgaass, L-9766 Munshausen
When: October 21 – November 3
Age: 4+

Various Activities: Vitarium

Guided visit of the Luxlait production line, activities at the interactive stations, cooking workshops , outdoor activities, face painting and much more.  Drinks are included in the daily price.

Where: L-7759 Roost / Bissen, Luxembourg
When: November 2-3
Age: 5+ years
Cost: 25 EUR per day per kid

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