2030, WHENiGROWUP: Participatory Cinema in Luxembourg

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A new initiative in Luxembourg is encouraging children to develop creativity and confidence through audio-visual media.

This educational platform, called 2030, WHENiGROWUP, encourages them to take the first steps into media literacy by exploring different professions and positions as adults using a camera, Lego, paper, household objects, or whatever may cross their path.

“We try to organise each workshop in a different location, so that the children not only learn to make a short stop-motion video with objects they have at home , but that they also gain an insight into the profession they will draw and eventually play or shoot. For instance, the subject of our workshop on the 7th of June, is chief cook. So, we will hold our workshop at Atelier de Cuisine Bertrand, where children will draw the universe of a chief cook, animate their drawings, play the respective profession and merge this all together into a stop-motion video.”

Using her creativity and inventiveness Andra, also known as Andrita Andrushka, provides workshops where the children participating film a story about their future life as adults, resulting in a mini film series in which they offer their own creative solutions to everyday adult life.  The participants are introduced into the hero’s journey – a common pattern used when creating movies – so that they understand how to be the heroes in their own media, and eventually, in their own lives.  The parents also benefit from the experience by indirectly learning to be creative so that they can help their children in all areas of development, and receive a confidential report about their child’s potential and personality type.

“Our assessment is designed to measure emotional and psychological preferences in how children interact with their counterparts, how they perceive the world and make decisions – the goal of this is to enhance the foundation for the child’s healthy start in life, in accordance to their true self”

Irina Tudorache, a child psychologist, is in charge of the reports focusing on the individual and group dynamic. She also conducts reports on personal effectiveness and resilience of each participating child and advises parents on how to prepare their little ones for an autonomous experience.

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It was in 2008, when a Leonardo Da Vinci scholarship brought Andrita to Luxembourg, that she participated in an internship with SAMSA and gained further professional experiences after having studied in Romania, Germany, France and the UK.  Once the internship was complete she went on to finish her studies in film production and eventually returned to Luxembourg where she continued working with the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (a training and networking platform for film production).

Inspired by her entrepreneurial mother, who taught Andrita to be confident, creative, and never expect anybody to provide the things she could provide for herself, she took what she had learned growing up and decided to start her own business. She also credits her boyfriend for his continued support, believing that his presence and input can make anything limited become something beyond borders.

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2030, WHENiGROWUP believes that happy children today = better and happier adults tomorrow.  With two workshops so far successfully completed in Luxembourg, satisfied parents and children have shared their positive experiences with others, and the next workshop will host some of the same participants for another time, as well as those who have heard great things about this initiative.

And as for the future of this production?

“I dream about a place where nationalities from far beyond (South America, Australia, Asia etc) merge into a big inspiring idea – the idea that cinema can be used in clinical, medical and personal development purposes and the idea that kids are far more intelligent than remaining passive media consumers.  My mission here is to help children – especially those who need therapy, those in hospitals, and those who now spend most of their time behind little screens – to use cinema as a strong tool for personal motivation and empowerment”

Keep up to date on Facebook, visit the website, and book your child’s space on the next workshop here.

You can even win a space for your child at the next workshop by entering our giveaway here.

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