City Savvy’s Top 8 Mobile Apps…and then some!

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Whether you have just arrived in Luxembourg or are a seasoned local, make your life more informed and accessible by installing a few handy apps on your mobile phone. City Savvy has selected the top must-have apps for living in Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg has a rather great system of public transportation  and whether you’re a regular user or not, this is probably the best app to have on your mobile. offers timely information to plan your trips in and around the Grand Duchy.

The app instantly shows up the possible connectivity between any two points. Just type in your source location and your destination (if you don’t know the name of the bus stop, just enter the address) and the application will provide you with the appropriate information to plan your trip. locates the nearest stops, relevant bus numbers and the precise arrival/departure times. If you have walk to the nearest bus stop, the app will even give you a walking route along with a local area map. That’s not all, you can also track the live schedule for all buses.

  • Install for: Planning door-to-door trips

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play

LuxSpeed / Lux Radar

If you’re a driver, however, this app is the one for you. LuxRadar (Google play) or LuxSpeed (itunes) are the most accurate radar warning systems here in Luxembourg. It will tell you beforehand about unattended police controls, speed cameras, accidents and more. You can see a map of the entire country to get an overview about the precise locations, complete with pictures.

And you give back what you receive. Incidents are detected and shared by the user (like a post) to other users on both iOS and Android platforms. The application is usable in background mode, which will allow you to use it in conjunction with another navigation system. Handy!

  • Install for: avoiding a ticket

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play

365 Days Luxembourgish

“365 days to learn Luxembourgish” is a non-date specific desk top calendar offering 365 brief lessons in Luxembourgish for beginners (level A1).

Available for iOS in the App Store.
Search the “365 Days Luxembourgish” App with the brand name, download it and start learning today!!

  • Install for: learning how to communicate and get by in your chosen country!

What’s Up Luxembourg

What’s up! Luxembourg is a smart pocket guide and news service that let’s you know where all the cool stuff in Luxembourg is happening!

When you’re out and about and looking to make last minute plans, this is the app for you.   It’s also helpful to find an open pharmacy or hospital. In such times, What’s Up Luxembourg is a great tool.

  • Install for: finding out what’s on

Available on App Store

Google Translate

Living in Luxembourg you have probably noticed that French is widely used for signage, many public instructions, notices, leaflets, in restaurants, shops etc and as an English speaker you may find it difficult to understand much of what you read (until you’ve got to grips with learning one of the languages spoken here, of course). In such cases, a translator app on your mobile can really help you work out your … je ne sais quoi.

This Google Translate app can translate a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph or even an email from numerous different languages to English and vice versa. If you are not sure of the language (a real possibility here in Luxembourg), just enter the script and let the app detect the language for you. The app also provides you with options to speak, write or type to find the translation. In addition, you can listen to the pronunciation of the translated words. What’s not to love?

  • Install for: breaking down language barriers

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play

Searching for the right house in Luxembourg is often not an easy task (but City Savvy can help – see our Housing articles here). Registering with a particular agency may limit your options; as you may only get to choose from the properties allied to them. However, with, you can search for your dream home from the comfort of your seat.

The app offers a plentiful selection of properties for sale, rent and lease. Just set in your parameters (locality, surface, budget, property type, etc) and start searching. You can view and choose from numerous options with detailed description and complimenting images on Then, if you wish to visit the property, you can contact the agency or if you leave your details, the agency will contact you.  You can also opt for push notifications and emails alerts.

  • Install for: searching for your dream home

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play


Finding a Taxi in Luxembourg’s residential areas can be a bit difficult, especially in the unusual hours. Whether you want to catch an early morning flight or rush to a meeting, webtaxi can indeed be beneficial.  The unique aspect of this application is that taxi services are available 24/7 at a very reasonable price.

The booking process is quite simple; you fill-in your basic contact details, choose a pick-up and drop-off addresses and confirm.  You can also track the position of the vehicle through GPS.  WebTaxi also offers ASAP taxi services.

  • Install for: booking a taxi, quickly

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play


Get real-time traffic and road information through the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in Luxembourg and save everyone time on their daily commute through group sharing of the accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures and more on your journeys. It even tells you where to get the cheapest petrol! And all this incorporated in a navigation app.

Includes the option to add friends and see each other’s ETAs to help planning your big night out.

  • Install for: avoiding traffic jams

Available on App Store | Get it on Google play

…And then some:

Apps to Learn Luxembourgish

Luxembourg is a multilingual country but things are suddenly tiptop when a few words of the local language are spoken. Our newest fav is one we listed (365 Days Luxembourgish) but The App Battaklang makes it simple and entertaining to learn. If you are extra keen and want to learn how to write in Luxembourgish then get the App Luxdico, the French Luxembourgish phone dictionary, and

Get out and Explore Luxembourg

If you want times, routes and details of all public transport in Lux- then get the App Simply add M-ticket so you can buy your ticket via your smartphones and you are seriously ready to hit the road.

If you are a bike lovers the App AllBikesNow shows you the availability and location of Luxembourg City’s self-service bike system (Vél’oH). And if you are a carlover then a must-have is the App Call2Park  This will mean you can avoid getting a parking fine if you don’t have the residents parking permit and find yourself without change.

Painting the Town Red?

Check to see if you will need an umbrella on your fabulous day out with the App Météo Luxembourg and as the (hopefully) sun starts to set and you would like a bit of music to finish off the night at the Rockhal, the Rotondes, the Atélier or the Philharmonie then click on the Apps Songkick concerts or Eventbrite and stay informed!

Additional apps to take you out away from our dear Duchy

Do you fancy exploring other European destinations in the holidays? Take the Apps CFL Mobile App (train) BlaBlacar (car sharing)  AirB&B or Maps Me.

Practical Information

And the Apps…
Luxembourg card

CFL Mobile App (train)
SongkickEventbriteBlaBlacarWaze,  AirB&B,  MapsMe 


Featured photo: Jason Howie/flickr (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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  1. And… WAZE app for avoiding all of those traffic jams

    Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

    • True!
      My brother uses it all the time. This way he knows about traffic jams, as you mentioned, but also accidents ahead (even seconds after they happened), police checks on the way, cameras etc. And all this incorporated in a navigation app.


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