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What if someone told you that instead of listening to your kid complain that he was dying of boredom during the summer holidays, you could drop him off to play a bunch of games in Park Merl, make international friends, gain confidence…oh and one more thing….learn a new language or master a second one !?

Well, look no further, we will let you in on our little secret. is not a dull language school that your kid will dread going to. This is a CAMP based on something kids call FUN and little do they know- their brains are not only acquiring a new language to communicate in, they are gaining cultural awareness and compassion for others with different backgrounds. This has arguably never been more important than now- not just because we live in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet but also because it will open up a whole new world to them with fewer limitations.

The methodology that uses is chiefly by learning through play. This is a perfect fit for young learners (aged 5 to 18) whose activities are adapted to the groups age and language level.  They believe in keeping things enjoyable (because there are no dreaded tests or grades, it’s summer!) and by doing so, your kids are actually able to absorb the language from all angles. The groups are kept small so that each child can benefit from personal attention. 

There is no grammar and mundane lessons, rather they act out plays, play sports and cook while learning about each other’s culture.

The languages offered are French, German or English and since it is Luxembourg, their campers on average represent 15 different nationalities. They offer full (9 to 5pm) or half days (9 to 12pm). Summer has never sounded so good.

Click here for more information or to register.
6, rue Marguerite de Brabant,
L-1254 Luxembourg
+ 352 26 47 85 03

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Meredith Moss
Meredith shot to fame at an early age, playing Jesus in her school play. It has been downhill from there. Needing gainful employment, she worked as a television producer in Los Angeles until she met her British husband in a seedy beach bar. An enthusiastic expat, she is a good cook, a bad parker and occasionally terrible mother.


    • Dear Anna, we would be very happy to offer Luxembourgish as well. We just need to receive enough requests to be able to create homogenous groups in terms of age group, level, registration period and type of programme (which was never the case since 2004!). Should you have 3 children of similar age, similar level in Luxembourgish, interested in the same programme (either morning or full day) and during the exact same week, we will organize the camp for you with great pleasure. Feel free to contact me directly at


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