Rambling in Luxembourg – Garnich

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This wonderful Spring sunshine has everyone bursting into the great outdoors! Enjoy this refreshing walk in the surroundings of the villages of Garnich (lux. Garnech) and Kahler (lux. Koler), lying in the Capellen canton.


Leave at the parking near the cemetery in Garnich and cross the village heading north. You will soon reach the open countryside and wander through the peaceful rural scenery. Arriving in Kahler, walk along the main road and take the farm track on your left at the end of the village. On the gentle ascent up the “Garnecherbierg” hill, make some stops to enjoy the nice sights on the “Arelerland” (Land of Arlon), the border region between Luxembourg and Belgium, with the bell tower of the Neogothic church of Saint Martin as the landmark of the city of Arlon. Finally, get back to the starting point, going down the Mamer valley with views over Garnich.

AP Garnich (9 km)

Date: Jan 5, 2017
Region: West
Duration: 1 h 50 min
Elevation: 309-393 m
Level: easy (4/10)
Walking ground quality: excellent

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Laurent Jacquemart

When Luxembourgish Laurent isn’t teaching at the Lycée Josy Barthel, he’s following his passion for photography, earth sciences, history and rambling in his homeland. Laurent started up the Facebook page, Hiking in Luxembourg, in 2016 and will also be sharing his routes with City Savvy readers, bringing them to life with his beautiful photographs.


  1. Why do you always post walks which have been over for months. With the information provided one cannot find the way without a guide.
    I am looking forward to information on walks in the future, preferably at least a week in advance.

    • Dear Judith,
      First of all, the posted walks are circular walks (auto-pédestres) that can easily be done by everyone without a guide. They are very well waymarked. Just park your car at the start and follow the blue arrow. You can find the maps with the routes here: http://www.geoportail.lu.
      Although the walks have been done some time ago, the information about them are still up to date. A ramble done in January is still the same in August.
      Finally, let me tell you that it is not possible for Citysavvy to announce my future rambles here. I’m doing these walks by myself spontaneously. They are not officially planned hiking events.


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