Places to Explore When Luxembourg Feels Like Siberia

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Luxembourg is a beautiful and interesting little country, though as with most European nations it’s well known for sightseeing and outdoor activity. Those kinds of attractions can be a little more challenging when the temperature drops. That said, the cold is no reason to ignore Luxembourg if you’re planning a trip around Europe (or if you call Luxembourg home)!

As we always say, there’s plenty to do here, even if you need to seek shelter from the harsh weather on occasion. Here are a few things to start you off.


We may be a small country, but we can boast quite literally about dozens of museums with all kinds of different exhibitions and focal points. Visiting a museum on a nice warm day can feel like a little bit of a waste, no matter how wonderful the art is. But if it’s cold or icy outside, you have the perfect excuse to pick from the list to tour! The National Art & History Museum (Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art) is perhaps the best in the country, though the Letzebuerg City Museum telling the history of the capital and the National Museum of Military History are fascinating options as well. You can read more about the full range of museums here.

Philharmonie Luxembourg

As is the case with many with many great European concert halls, Luxembourg City is home to a brilliant concert hall, known as the Philharmonie Luxembourg. It’s quite a sight to behold simply from an architectural standpoint. Of course, your interest on a cold winter night would be to see a performance inside, where a grand setting and excellent acoustics make things quite special. Check out all this season has to offer here.

Casino 2000

Gamble the cold away! This isn’t a major casino, but it’s basically the only brick-and-mortar establishment you’ll find in Luxembourg, and it’s actually quite nice! Located in Mondorf-les-Bains, it has an attached hotel, a few different restaurants, and an entertainment center where you may catch some live music. Additionally, with over 280 slot machines on the casino floor, you’ll find more than your average fruit spinners and the like; some of the same popular slot games that have spread out on the internetwill be available in physical form, so that you get the most out of the gaming opportunities. All in all, casinos aren’t for everybody, but they can make for fun and comfortable retreats for indoor activity during the winter.

Old Town

The “Old Town” is one of the most breathtaking areas featuring wide streets, walking avenues, and old cathedrals and buildings with interesting architecture. It’s a terrific place to explore on foot, and while as mentioned the weather can be a little bit harsh, not every winter activity has to take place inside! As long as you bundle up in warm clothes, you should try to explore the Old Town. It’s arguable that it’s at its most beautiful when dusted in snow.

Baraque de Fraiture

Unlike some of its nearby European neighbors, Luxembourg is not known for skiing since it is lacking the necessary mountains. However, the country has made the most of the little elevation it does have. Baraque de Fraiture is, and despite a relatively low elevation of 650 meters, it does have three ski lifts and attracts a little bit of a crowd for roughly a month each year so go with friends. It certainly isn’t the best skiing you’ll find in Europe, but it’s a great way to stay active even during a winter trip, and it certainly makes for a unique day out.

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