Philharmonie 2017/18 Season Preview!

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The Philharmonie has just revealed what it has in store for the upcoming season, and I’m confident that it’s one of the most interesting programmes to date. No matter your taste there will be something for you: classical, world music, jazz and urban contemporary artists will all grace the stage. The London Symphony Orchestra as well as the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will both perform as orchestras in residence.

Although, it’s nearly an impossible task to narrow down the programme to the must-see shows, here are 10 concerts (in no particular order) you don’t want to miss:

1. Lisboa-Rio-São Paulo

Back home in Brazil, Roberta Sá is a celebrity. Together with Anat Cohen (clarinet) and Marcello Gonçalves (7-string guitar), she links up with the OPL, for a special first appearance of the orchestra at the «atlântico» festival- a week long festival of music dedicated to Portuguese speaking countries.

When: October 13, 2017 @7pm, followed by an after-concert in the Grand Foyer @9pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 15-45 Euros (sale begins July 12 @10am)

2. Rainy Days Prelude- JACK plays Xenakis

Rainy Days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: how does it feel?

Copyright Servin Lainez/Philharmonie Luxembourg

High-voltage music – the string quartets of Iannis Xenakis have four fold power. In their intensity and virtuosity, they are tailor-made for the young JACK Quartet from New York, whose Xenakis recordings have caused a sensation.

When: November 6, 2017 @8pm
Where: Salle de Musique de Chambre
Tickets: 9-15 Euros (sale begins October 10 @10am)

3. Moscow-Tel Aviv-NY

Leonard Bernstein became world-famous as the composer of West Side Story. To mark the centenary of his birth, the OPL under Gustavo Gimeno and the pianist Krystian Zimerman pay him a tribute with his Symphony N° 2 «The Age of Anxiety».

When: November 23/24, 2017 @7pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: The show on the 23rd is part of the afterwork series “L’heure de pointe” and sell for 15-25 Euros. Tickets for the 24th range from 15-45 Euros and the show is followed  by an after-concert in the Grand Foyer @9pm.  (sale begins September 25 @10am)

4. Benjamin Clementine

Benjamin Clementine is joining the Philharmonie as part of its new concert series “Urban” which will bring together various musical styles with experiences aimed to address all the senses.

Benjamin Clementine CD Cover/ courtesy of the Philharmonie Luxembourg

“An extraordinary career, the appearance of a celestial down-and-out, music that is both spare and powerful, and amazing concerts: the Englishman Benjamin Clementine is mesmerising.” (Les Inrocks)

When: November 27, 2017 @8pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 15-55 Euros (sale begins October 27 @10am)

5. A Christmas Night with Cameron Carpenter

Christmas and organ music – a promising combination and one rich in tradition. With Cameron Carpenter and his touring organ, however, we know better than to expect a purely contemplative occasion: «What Franz Liszt was for the piano, Cameron Carpenter is for the organ.» (Berliner Zeitung)

When: December 12, 2017 @8pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 24-40 Euros, free seating (sale begins November 13 @10am)

6. Maarja Nuut

This Estonian violinist joins the Philharmonie as part of  “Chill at the Phil”- a 5 concert series that takes you on a world tour to discover talented artists all the way from Cape Verde, Sweden, Estonia, England, and Spain. This welcome little interlude takes place in the early evening,  and is the musical equivalent of an after-work drink.

«When angels sing they probably sound like this», says Simon Le Bon, leader of the British group Duran Duran, of the Estonian violinist and singer Maarja Nuut. Her spellbinding music, in combination with almost psychedelic electronic sounds, has already won her many fans worldwide.

When: January 17, 2018 @7pm
Where: Salle de Musique de Chambre
Tickets: 12-20 Euros, free seating (sale begins December 13 @10am)

7. Francesco Tristano- Goldberg City Variations

Bach in three dimensions? That’s the idea the Luxembourg pianist Francesco Tristano came up with for his «Goldberg City Variations» a concert with live projections: «Every one of the 26,000 or so notes of Bach’s Goldberg Variations is translated into digital data that is used to construct a city.»

Sounds very strange and amazing all at once- the perfect combination! Also part of the new “Urban” series.

Copyright Marie Staggat/Philharmonie

When: February 9, 2018 @8pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 9-35 Euros, free seating (sale begins December 13 @10am)

8. “Who is Duke Ellington” -Kids programme

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to expose your kids to the music of Duke Ellington explored through the sounds of the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra, with Wynton Marsalis!

When: February 24, 2018 @3pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 12 Euros for kids, 18 Euros for Adults (sale begins January 24 @10am)

Worth a mention: The Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra will also perform on February 23 & 24 for the adults!

9. De Keersmaeker- Verklärte Nacht

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her company Rosas have revolutionised contemporary dance. For the first time, her choreography of Schoenberg´s shameless-romantic love story Verklärte Nacht from 2014 is presented with live orchestra.

Copyright Anne Van Aerschot/Philharmonie

This is part of the new “Red Bridge” project which aims to build bridges, both geographically and artistically, with the aim of transcending the borders between three of Luxembourg’s cultural institutions- the Philharmonie, the Grand Théâtre and the Mudam.  This particular piece is co-produced by the Philharmonie and the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

When: March 2, 2018 @8pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 6-25 Euros (sale begins September 14 @10am)

10. Manhattan: the American Dream with Stefano Bollani

The musical West Side Story and the opera Porgy and Bess are the prototypes of US music theatre. The suites that the composers Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin based on those works add up to a scintillating programme.

After the performance, Stefano Bollani will continue to delight the audience with an after-concert- what a treat!

When: May 18, 2018 @7pm/after-concert @9pm
Where: Grand Auditorium
Tickets: 15-45 Euros (sale begins March 19, 2018 @10am)

Check the full programme for more information on live-cinema concerts, the London Symphony Orchestra’s program, yoga & music, artists in residence and so much more!!


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