Luxembourg Public Holidays 2017-18

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Luxembourg takes its public holidays seriously, usually with a unique tradition surrounding each one. So mark your calendars for this year and the next and plan to celebrate!

The official public holidays are

  • New Year’s Day (N.B. NOT New Year’s Eve)
  • Easter Monday (N.B. NOT Good Friday)
  • Labour Day
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Monday
  • The Grand Duke’s birthday celebration
  • Assumption Day
  • All Saints Day
  • Christmas Day and
  • Boxing Day

Banks have their own special ‘bank holidays’ that can be even more generous. The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association has their own website, which has more details.

2017 & 2018 Public Holidays

Public holiday 2017 2018
New Year 1 January (Sunday*)  1 January (Monday)
Easter Monday 17 April (Monday)  2 April (Monday)
Labour day 1 May (Monday)  1 May (Tuesday)
Ascension Day 25 May (Thursday)  10 May (Thursday)
Whit Monday 5 June (Monday)  21 May (Monday)
Grand Duke’s Birthday 23 June (Friday)  23 June (Saturday)
Assumption 15 August (Tuesday)  15 August (Wednesday)
All Saints 1 November (Wednesday)  1 November (Thursday)
Christmas Day 25 December (Monday)  25 December (Tuesday)
Boxing Day 26 December (Tuesday)  26 December (Wednesday)


*If a bank holiday occurs on a Sunday, then you are entitled to a compensatory day off within three months of the date of the public holiday – see the Labour code here for more details. Sadly, Saturday doesn’t count as a ‘non-business’ day, so there’s no compensation there.


We wish you happy holidays, wherever they take you!


Photo: Tristan Schmurr/flickr (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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