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If you love wine and don’t know the Jeff Konsbrück Winery, you’re missing out. Nestled among the vineyards of Ahn lies the beautiful and modern building, housing what I believe to be one of the best up-and-coming wine producers of Luxembourg.

After studying winemaking in Germany, Jeff Konsbrück produced his first bottles in 2012 using a friend’s cellar and moved into his current building just 3 years ago. At just 28 years old, he’s an innovative and motivated wine maker with a mature philosophy.

He only sells the wine he loves and tries hard to put out bottles that have already reached their full potential, while ensuring they can sit on your shelf for years and still impress. He’s not afraid to experiment, even if it means having to dump any failures. You can taste this philosophy in every bottle.

He currently produces around 30,000 bottles a year and although I’m sure he could easily sell his product on the mass market, he chooses to sell directly to his customers in order to know what is and isn’t working.

His wines are mostly on the dry side, but even if you generally opt for sweeter wine his bottles have such a variety of tastes that I’m certain most people will find something they like. I’m yet to try a wine of his that I don’t love, but if I had to recommend a bottle or two I’d urge you to try his Gris de Gris or crèmant.

The first time I tasted the crèmant, I was so impressed that I hunted down his winery the next day to stock up and to see what other bottles he was producing.

The building itself is modern with clean lines, but the atmosphere inside is familiar and warm; it’s an ideal space for an adult birthday party and has recently even hosted a wedding. The winery is open every day except Tuesdays and Saturdays and you can stop in to simply enjoy a glass and purchase some bottles or, if you’re interested, to go a bit deeper with a formal tasting.

When I asked Jeff about his long-term goals, he simply said that he wants to keep making good wine and to help the world understand what tiny-but-special Luxembourg can offer. I’m certain that if he continues to stay true to himself, he’ll achieve both aims, easily.

Winery Jeff Konsbrück
35, rue de la Résistance
5401 Ahn, Luxemburg
+352 691 827 319


Follow Amanda on her journey to uncork the Luxembourg wine scene, and stay tuned for information on tastings and tours.


Photo: Thomas Verbruggen/unsplash

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Amanda Roberts
Amanda was born in Belgium, Wisconsin, home of the Luxembourg Fest of America and graduated to the real Luxembourg approximately 5 years ago. You can follow Amanda's journey to uncork all the amazing wine Luxembourg has to offer on her blog LuxUncorked.



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