Five Reasons Luxembourg is the Perfect Place for Reinvention

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Having re-invented herself as Luxembourg’s premier “Slummy Mummy”, Sarita Rao thinks the Duchy is the perfect place to start afresh, unshackled from the confines of your native country.

Here’s why:

No past

Arriving in Luxembourg means that no one knows your past. No one knows how many speeding tickets you’ve got, that you danced on the table at the last office party, that you were a child genius at tiddlywinks, or that your ballet career ended at the age of five.

You can be a whole new you. You can exaggerate all the things that you want to be, and put a lid on all the things you wish you had never done. So if you have a yearning to start your own urban art project, run a “dancer-thon” for charity, or just wear a trench coat and prowl the streets of Clausen looking moody and intellectual, this is the place to be.

No family

Family is a double-edged sword. Of course the love and support they provide is sorely missed by anyone moving to foreign climes, but they can also be a hindrance. Free from the family’s nagging doubts about your abilities, or that feeling that you’ve never quite cut the mustard in the family litany of fantastically high achievers, you can hurtle towards the new you.

Beware of visitors though. After six glasses of Crémant, your best friend/ mother-in-law/ younger sibling will be telling everyone how you are the only person to ever be sacked from MacDonalds, how you dated the weirdest kid at school, or that time you accidentally turned up to a wedding in fancy dress.

No baggage

Most of us come without the kitchen sink. In fact, well-loved and cherished items that you have collected throughout your life are often packed up and left in storage. Now you have a great excuse to buy as much Luxembourg kitsch as humanly possible and display it in your house to show you know how to live like a native. Arriving with nothing but an empty apartment, a tight budget, and a taxi to IKEA, will possibly be the only chance you will get in life to truly achieve feng shui.

No financial woes

Unlike refugees and economic migrants arriving in Luxembourg for a safer and better life, many expatriates come here on a promise of untold wealth, promotions to dream jobs or tax beneficial status. Money can be a real downer on re-invention.

But being the spouse of someone earning a reasonable amount gives you the space you need to start your career afresh. And if you want to sell things, a country full of people with a high disposable income is ideal. This will be the only time in your career that you can dominate the market in overpriced crocheted egg warmers or fantastically expensive courgette flavoured cup cakes. Not artistic but sporty? There must be some form of yoga not being marketed in Luxembourg? Not artistic, or sporty but good at giving advice? Then join the army of life coaches here in the Duchy. Not good at anything – blog or write articles about your sad life for a living.

Go for it!
Don’t dither, hesitate, or waste any time. As a wise philosophical teacher once said (OK, it’s Oogway from Kung Fu Panda): “The past is history, the future a mystery but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

©Sarita Rao

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Sarita Rao
Sarita ditched the day job in London for a less hectic life in Luxembourg in August 2013. She spends her days freelance writing, arbitrating fights between her children, and waiting for ‘wine o’clock’ time (that’s 6pm for most mothers).


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