Book Launch: First English book on learning Luxembourgish

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The first English book on learning Luxembourgish is coming this March! It is with great pleasure that City Savvy’s Liz Wenger announces the release of her book “Learn Luxembourgish: an English Beginner’s Guide to Teach Yourself Luxembourgish” in March this year. Find out more from Liz and get ready to learn Luxembourgish!


The book is aimed at adults who speak English not only as their mother language but also as their second or third language, and who want to start learning Luxembourgish without necessarily having to go to a class. If they already attend a class, the book provides valuable additional practice and explanations.

It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (beginner level A1.1/A1.2) and has eight chapters:

1          Greeting someone

2          Introducing yourself or someone else

3          Telling someone more about yourself

4          Describing a person or thing

5          Talking about your job and daily routine

6          Talking about recreational activities and making appointments

7          Asking for something

8          Situating yourself and asking for directions

The book includes audio, which was written by me (Liz Wenger, founder and proofread by Jackie Messerich (Moien Asbl).

I received my certificate as a Luxembourgish teacher (“Zertifikat Lëtzebuerger Sprooch a Kultur”) from the Luxembourg Institut national des langues in 2012 and have since founded to promote and cultivate Luxembourgish culture and language. The site currently has over 2000 followers on social media.

I grew up in Luxembourg, studied in Scotland and now live in Canada with my husband and son.

I will be in Luxembourg in March to promote the book and hope to meet you during one of the book signing events I’ve already organized (more to be added soon):

During a book signing event, you can buy the book at the discounted price of 30€ (cash only).


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Copyright 2015:Liz Wenger

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