A Wander Through Kayl

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Kayl is not the superfood that you buy from the Farmer’s Market, rather it is a breathtaking area in southern Luxembourg.

Walking ground quality: good, one single steep climb in the final sector

Nice tour in the Minette region, the former iron ore mining district in southern Luxembourg.

Start near the National Miners’ Memorial (49.47865N, 6.01971E) lying southwest of the town of Kayl (lux. Keel) and have an easy walk around the wooded slopes of “Rëschelerkopp” and “Bromeschbierg” hills. Discover the landscapes marked by a long lasting iron extraction, the numerous features of the abandoned mining areas and their specific pioneer vegetation.

At the end of the walk, visit the impressive National Miners’ Memorial, a stone’s throw from the starting point. This commemorative place honours the 1,500 workers, who suffered death working too hard and doing perilious jobs in the heavy industry.

Enjoy a panoramic view over the “Keeldall” Valley, the town of Kayl and the Saint John Hill (lux. Gehaansbierg) near Dudelange. At the feet of the memorial site lies the “Léiffrächen” pilgrimage place, with a wooden statue of Virgin Mary (Notre-Dame des Mineurs, Our Lady of the Miners), displayed in an artificial cavern.

AP Kayl (5,9 km)
Date: May 20, 2017
Region: Minette
Duration: 1 h 15 min
Elevation: 321-393 
Level: easy (3/10)

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Laurent Jacquemart

When Luxembourgish Laurent isn’t teaching at the Lycée Josy Barthel, he’s following his passion for photography, earth sciences, history and rambling in his homeland. Laurent started up the Facebook page, Hiking in Luxembourg, in 2016 and will also be sharing his routes with City Savvy readers, bringing them to life with his beautiful photographs.


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