Rites of Passage: Christmas

Let's face it - Christmas can be stressful. Add in another country, visiting relatives and parenting into the mix; it can be downright painful. Lynn Frank gives her take on Christmas as an immigrant.

World Mental Health Day: Positive Education in Luxembourg

Joanna West tackles the emotional wellbeing of our children and examines the role of Positive Education in Luxembourg.

Working in a foreign language

Joanna West answers expat questions with expert advice. This week, working in a foreign language.

World Refugee Day: How to help in Luxembourg

20th June marks World Refugee Day, where the world commemorates the strength, courage and resilience of millions of refugees. Joanna West examines the current situation,...

Expat Relationships: The balance of power

Joanna West on managing the power shift in a relationship when one half of a couple gives up their career to further the other's.

When two families become one: Managing a blended family

Joanna West's wisdom on the complexity of stepfamilies and how to manage relationships within a blended family.

Exam Stress: Online Help for Youth

Help navigate exam stress for both parents and students at this difficult time of year.

International Day of Happiness

To recognise World Happiness Day on the 20th March, Joanna West of has some top mood-boosters for you. Check this article every day this week for ways to promote your own happiness and wellbeing!

International Women’s Day 2016

It's International Women's Day and Joanna Gilbride has some great advice for men and women living in the Duchy.

Stressed in Luxembourg

Stress is particularly evident in Luxembourg with close to 50% of Luxembourg’s population made up of foreign nationals. The wonderful opportunities of life in Luxembourg are constantly counterbalanced with the stressors of it not being ‘home’.

Love in a Foreign Land: 4 ways to keep love alive...

This Valentine's month, Joanna West of, explores the notion of love and how it affects expats in Luxembourg.

Parenting in a Foreign Land: Separation in Luxembourg

In this article  Lysanne Sizoo looks at the pain of international (ex-) partners torn between love for their children and the troubles in their...

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