Expats and Mental Health: Why Identities Change Abroad

This week City Savvy's mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo discusses how our sense of identity is challenged when we move to another country… and how we can use it to our advantage.

Expats and mental health: The ‘Second Day Blues’

This week, Lysanne Sizoo explores why many couples experience the phenomenon of the ‘second day blues’; when one half returns weary from a trip abroad only to be faced with disgruntled grumbles and a list of chores.

Lonely in Luxembourg

Lysanne Sizoo, our mental health expert, looks at three underlying reasons for loneliness and the ways in which we can break out of the isolation.

Tips to help you enjoy Luxembourg during winter

Forget SAD-lamps, excessive vitamin D intake or mindless exercise - this is the City Savvy guide to coping with, and possibly even enjoying, Luxembourg's long dark seasons.

Homesick or Heresick: Dealing with Being Away

Homesickness: not always so much about missing the home we chose to leave, but about feeling temporarily exhausted by being an incomer in a new home that we have not yet made our own. Lysanne Sizoo is here to help.

Parenting in a foreign land – Part 1

Barack Obama, Christiane Amanpour and Reese Witherspoon, all so-called 'Third Culture Kids', have done very well for themselves. With good and aware parenting, our youngsters can get the very best from the experience of being raised in a country that is not their parents' own.

For better or worse: Love in a foreign land

Lysanne Sizoo, psychotherapist UKCP reg., considers the issues faced by expats when either one or both halves of a couple are in a foreign country. Part 1: At home or abroad.

‘Two’s Company…’: Handling your in-laws

Lysanne Sizoo tackles the thorny issue of in-laws in all its complexity.

Saying goodbye… again

City Savvy's mental health expert, Lysanne Sizoo, responds to a query sent in by a reader on a dilemma that all expats have to face at some time: saying goodbye to our fellow expat friends.

Coping with Ageing Parents Abroad

How can one better manage living abroad and dealing with a death of family or friends? It's hard losing a loved one but then to live so far away seems to make it even more difficult.

Parenting in a foreign land – Part 2

Lysanne Sizoo looks at multilingualism, choosing a local or international school and the pros and cons of some typical character traits of so-called Third Culture Kids (TCKs).

Expat Life: Growing Friendship

There are numerous things to do when you relocate to a new place: find a home, start work, get the kids into school, find a doctor—each one very important. One thing that is equally important but usually doesn’t make the top ten in your “to do” list is: make new friends.

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