Helping your child through a relationship ‘break up’

February - the month of love... and heartbreak. What to do when your child has a break-up? Lynn Frank of Passage examines the issue.

For better or worse: Love in a foreign land

Lysanne Sizoo, psychotherapist UKCP reg., considers the issues faced by expats when either one or both halves of a couple are in a foreign country. Part 1: At home or abroad.

January Blues

What you need to read this January: Lynn Frank's words of wisdom on coping with the blues:

Tips to help you enjoy Luxembourg during winter

Forget SAD-lamps, excessive vitamin D intake or mindless exercise - this is the City Savvy guide to coping with, and possibly even enjoying, Luxembourg's long dark seasons.

Expats and Mental Health: Why Identities Change Abroad

This week City Savvy's mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo discusses how our sense of identity is challenged when we move to another country… and how we can use it to our advantage.

Looking back to move forward: 2017

Joanna Gilbride-West encourages you to use the start of a new year as an opportunity to reflect on the one passing.

Rites of Passage: Christmas

Let's face it - Christmas can be stressful. Add in another country, visiting relatives and parenting into the mix; it can be downright painful. Lynn Frank gives her take on Christmas as an immigrant.

World Mental Health Day: Positive Education in Luxembourg

Joanna West tackles the emotional wellbeing of our children and examines the role of Positive Education in Luxembourg.

Empty Nesters: When Your Children Leave Home

Joanna West examines the feelings experienced by parents when their youngest child leaves home and how an 'empty nest' provides challenges and opportunities.

Working in a foreign language

Joanna West answers expat questions with expert advice. This week, working in a foreign language.

World Refugee Day: How to help in Luxembourg

20th June marks World Refugee Day, where the world commemorates the strength, courage and resilience of millions of refugees. Joanna West examines the current situation,...

Expat Relationships: The balance of power

Joanna West on managing the power shift in a relationship when one half of a couple gives up their career to further the other's.

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