Complementary Health

Fit In The City: The A to Z on Magnesium

City Savvy's Tina Pace and trainer, Feres are here to talk about the effects of magnesium deficiency and how to properly get to your optimal level.

Create and Connect: Create Your Life Retreat

City Savvy's Tina Pace recently went on a Create Your Life Retreat, focusing on getting clear about your purposes, passions and how to sort and filter out the stuff that gets in the way of them.


The what, why and how of reflexology - a practice with health benefits based on working with the body's nervous system through pressure points in the feet.

Fit In The City: Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

What does it really means to be stressed, how does it affect your body, and what can you do about it?

Care for your feet and they will carry you for life!

Piroska Balla from Respirit Pilates shares some hints and tips for giving those tootsies some well deserved care and attention

BodyTalk: Healthcare designed by your body, for your body

Nicholas Harris, a qualified BodyTalk Practitioner, explains this revolutionary new form of health care which he has brought to Luxembourg.

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