It’s the Holidays: How To Look Your Best

The day you've been looking forward to since September is finally here. You are with your family but creepy Uncle Steve is there and...

Friskis&Svettis: The Swedes Have It Figured Out

Swedes are fit. According to experts, they exercise more than any other country in Europe....doing so in a ridiculously cold climate with significantly less sunlight....

Feeling Overwhelmed? Climb The Walls! Here are 5 to Choose from!

Indoor climbing is great for kids and adults. It builds confidence, skills and strength. Here are City Savvy's top 5.

Goodbye crow’s feet! Hello Biolaser.

It might feel like Luxembourg is a place with the least amount of sunlight hours in the world but if you haven't lived here...

Perfect Beauty By Jil

You know that one girlfriend that can take one look at you and voilà- magically sort you out? You left her behind or she moved...

Homesick or Heresick: Dealing with Being Away

Homesickness: not always so much about missing the home we chose to leave, but about feeling temporarily exhausted by being an incomer in a new home that we have not yet made our own. Lysanne Sizoo is here to help.

Hot Box- Torture or Serenity?

So the one form of exercise I do is yoga. I’ve been considering trying Bikram (hot yoga) for at least 15 years but been...

The Coffee meets Bicycle Challenge

It is interesting to consider that two of the more lucrative substances on Earth are dark, energy-giving liquids. On two wheels we eschew one...

Yoaké the Ultimate Spa

Located a stone’s throw away from the iconic tree lined Avenue Liberte, Yoaké the Ultimate Spa is a hidden gem tucked away discreetly on...

New beginnings and strong endings

September is traditionally a time of new arrivals in the international community. Our mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo looks at the relationship between good endings and new beginnings.

Back to School – Stress or Excitement ?

Going back to school after the long summer break can be a stressful time for parents and children. Lynn Frank from Passage shares some useful tips on how to make the transition easier.

The A-Z of Yoga In Luxembourg

From Ayurveda to Vinyasa, from Hatha to Om, Lorien Mate, a certified yoga teacher at Heart Centre Yoga, gives you the A to Z of yoga and where to practise your choice in Luxembourg.

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