Seasonal Cycles

Seasonal Cycles: Autumn Luxembourg offers many spectacles: from the fireworks on the Grand Duke’s birthday to the ‘Burgbrennen’; from the Schueberfouer to the Dancing...

Homesick or Heresick: Dealing with Being Away

Homesickness: not always so much about missing the home we chose to leave, but about feeling temporarily exhausted by being an incomer in a new home that we have not yet made our own. Lysanne Sizoo is here to help.

Building your Fall Wardrobe

Hello fashionistas! So fall is definitively here…the days are becoming shorter and we can start seeing that beautiful golden color in the trees. I've had a hard...

Christmas In a Box

Yes, we know, Halloween isn't even here yet so it may seem a bit early to think about Christmas. But it's never the wrong...

Hot Box- Torture or Serenity?

So the one form of exercise I do is yoga. I’ve been considering trying Bikram (hot yoga) for at least 15 years but been...

Duchess Boulevard: The search for the perfect shoe

Shoes Make the Woman? With Duchess Boulevard, the women retains her right to change her mind...multiple times a day!

The Coffee meets Bicycle Challenge

It is interesting to consider that two of the more lucrative substances on Earth are dark, energy-giving liquids. On two wheels we eschew one...

3 Books To Help You (Re)Discover Luxembourg (plus a giveaway)

When we arrived to live in Luxembourg three years ago we had only ever previously driven through and had little to no knowledge of...

Yoaké the Ultimate Spa

Located a stone’s throw away from the iconic tree lined Avenue Liberte, Yoaké the Ultimate Spa is a hidden gem tucked away discreetly on...


CSL's hiking guru, Laurant Jacquemart is normally the man who helps us discover all the glorious nooks and crannies of this grand land. In this special feature, he takes us on a journey to what feels (and looks) like another planet: Iceland. This is for those of you who spend your spare time making itineraries and reading travel blogs! Enjoy!

New beginnings and strong endings

September is traditionally a time of new arrivals in the international community. Our mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo looks at the relationship between good endings and new beginnings.

Stationery Shops to get School Supplies

Where to go for all the best back to school supplies. You can't blame the dog for eating your homework when it looks this fabulous!

Our Latest Giveaways

Giveaway: Philharmonie Luxembourg’s rainy days 2017

rainy days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: how does it feel? For decades, new music has been...

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