Dinner at the Domaine: A Must-Try Event at L&R Kox!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of Domaine L&R Kox. It's one of the most interesting wineries in Luxembourg and happens...

City Savvy Playlist: the perfect Boozy Brunch

Who doesn't love Brunch? That glorious combination of breakfast and lunch which typically begins late morning and with the help of good friends stretches all the way until 3 pm. City Savvy's Bartek Brzezinski shares his idea of the perfect boozy brunch playlist.

Cocottes: Ready-to-eat food that is Healthy, fresh and just plain fabulous

This gem of a restaurant somehow slipped under our radar, but since our recent discovery it has been a lunchtime game-changer for the CSL staff. Cocottes is a must try!!

Domaine Viticole Kohll-Leuck

Finally, the Luxembourgish red that Amanda Roberts from Lux Uncorked has been searching for. Domaine Viticole Kohll-Leuck has made a conscious decision to be different and its full-bodied 2012 Pinot Noir will blow your mind!

Creating the perfect pairings with Anne Faber & Niels Toase

Let's talk food and wine pairings with Anne Faber from Anne's Kitchen and Amanda Roberts from Lux Uncorked. With suggested recipes, Luxembourgish wine recommendations and top tips on pairing you're all set to impress your next guests.

Top 5 Irish Pubs

If you can’t celebrate St Patrick's Day in Ireland this month; try one (or all) of these Irish Pubs in Luxembourg!

5 Vegetarian-friendly restaurants…

A carnivore and a vegetarian went to a restaurant... and both had a wonderful meal, thanks to this handy list of vegetarian-friendly eateries. You're welcome!

Wine tasting like an expert

How many times have you been to a restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine and sat there dreading the moment someone at the table will be asked to taste it? Now you can taste like the experts with these top tips from Sommelier Neils Toase, from Bernard Massard, and Amanda Roberts of Lux Uncorked.

Domaine Laurent & Rita Kox- Remich

We hope you've been following this fabulous wine series by Amanda Roberts of Lux Uncorked. She has been visiting Luxembourg's domaines ... all in the name of research of course. This time, perhaps her favourite of all, Domaine Laurent & Rita Kox.

Coffee in the City: City Savvy’s Top 5

If you find yourself slowing down with the onset of winter, why not grab a cup of coffee and discover some liquid motivation?

Drinks in the City: Top 5 Cocktail Spots

It's Friday and what better way to kick off your night out than with cocktails! Lara Nikolic presents the top 5 places to get your fix.

Domaine Sunnen-Hoffmann – Luxembourg’s first organic winery

Amanda Roberts, of Lux Uncorked, continues her tour of Luxembourg's finest vineyards. First up in 2017 is Domaine Sunnen-Hoffmann, Luxembourg’s first organic winery, where every glass is a treat for your palate.

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