Café Culture

The Coffee meets Bicycle Challenge

It is interesting to consider that two of the more lucrative substances on Earth are dark, energy-giving liquids. On two wheels we eschew one...

Ice Cream in the City

Found yourself sweltering in the recent heatwave? Well, City Savvy has scouted out the top ice cream parlours in the city. Perfect for cooling off.

Coffee in the City: City Savvy’s Top 5

If you find yourself slowing down with the onset of winter, why not grab a cup of coffee and discover some liquid motivation?

Food in the City: Top Brunch Spots

It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch... and it comes with a glass of Crémant. Katie Nail brings us the best brunches of Luxembourg!

Hot Spots for Cool Coffee

If you're on the lookout for some new cafés in and around the city this summer then check out Amy Lloyd's fabulous top coffee spots for twenty-somethings.

Top 10 Cafés with Free Wifi

It’s never been easier get out of the house and onto the web with good coffee added in.

Chocolate in the City

Chocolate in the City. Need we say more?

City Savvy Review: Le Bovary

Café Littéraire Le Bovary has it all: a beautiful setting, cosy atmosphere, hearty food and friendly staff. And the books. Oh, the books. It's a literary lovin' dream.

City Savvy Review: Café des Capucins

City Savvy's foodie is most impressed with Café des Capucins. So if you’ve got a guest or a date this holiday season that you’d like to impress, bring them here for a truly memorable meal in the heart of Luxembourg.

City Savvy Guide: Food Trucks

The Food Truck revolution has well and truly landed in Luxembourg and Jonas Mullo has tried and tested them all. It's a hard job, but...

City Savvy Review: Am’Garage

Past the chic furniture of Robin du Lac, you’ll find an Italian restaurant, a focacceria, a café and health conscious restaurant/shop. Karrie Zych has tried them all.

Cake in the City: City Savvy’s Top 5

Need a cake or cupcake for a special occasion? Just want to treat yourself to something extraordinary? Look no further than City Savvy's top 5 cake shops in Luxembourg.

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