5 Outdoor Activity Centres

If you're an adult thrill-seeker, or a parent with action mad kids, then Luxembourg has plenty of outdoor adventure centres where kids, teenagers and adults alike can get their adrenaline fix. Here are City Savvy's favourites.

Style in the City: The Total Experience By Jeremy

Jeremy has brilliantly brought an incredible intimacy into his salon- the connection he has with his clients is likely one of the main reasons he is one of the most sought-after stylists in Luxembourg.

Europe by Campervan: The Basics

Ever wanted to drive a campervan around Europe? Tina Pace has her top tips from choosing your campervan to planning the itinerary, from making reservations to what to pack.

Blind Date: Antonio and Kalia

Beim Siggy delights these two singles who are ready to mingle!

Style in the City: Think Pink!

Not quite sure how to incorporate the latest trend "Pink" into your wardrobe. Florence's outfits are sure to get your inspired!!

Le Zai- A Gastronomical Ride of Flavours

Looking for delectable duck found in Shanghai? Skip the jet lag and head to Le Zai in Strassen!

Restaurants that open on Sundays

Hungry on a Sunday and think you're out of luck? Don't worry, Corie Bratter has the low-down on great restaurants in Luxembourg that are open when nothing else seems to be!

Ice Cream in the City

Found yourself sweltering in the recent heatwave? Well, City Savvy has scouted out the top ice cream parlours in the city. Perfect for cooling off.


Bruges: Picturesque cobbled lanes, soaring towers and gorgeous canals make up this fairy-tale town dating back to medieval times.

Dinner at the Domaine: A Must-Try Event at L&R Kox!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of Domaine L&R Kox. It's one of the most interesting wineries in Luxembourg and happens...

And then it’s time to move on again: the expat cycle

Our brilliant expat counsellor on overcoming the challenges of the expat cycle.

Camping in Luxembourg

City Savvy's Adrienne Gross has checked out 4 of Luxembourg's luxury camping sites. So, if you've been wondering where to go camping in the Duchy or are unsure whether to take the plunge, we have your go to guide to camping in Luxembourg.

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Giveaway: Philharmonie’s End-of-Season Party

The Philharmonie's End-of-Season Party is arguably one of the best events of the year, and we've got 5 pairs of tickets up for grabs!! The 2016/17 season was...

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