Work and Money

A Great Tool for Entrepreneurs

CSL's favourite entrepreneur, Elfi Dontis, MBA, Social-Entrepeneur and Co-founder of LuxKids Lab shares with us her personal experience with co-development sessions run by Nyuko.

Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Luxembourg

City Savvy's entrepreneurial wizard Elfi Koufogeorgou has put together a list of the best resources for accelerating your way to success when starting your own business!

Where To Donate Items

A question that comes up time and time again is, “Where can I donate the household or personal items?" There are numerous organisations in Luxembourg that are happy to relieve you of what you no longer need!

Ways to help others for Christmas 2016

In the true spirit of Christmas, we have compiled a list of ways to help others in Luxembourg.

Extraordinary Expats: Annica Törneryd

Meet Annica Törneryd; extraordinary expat, leadership coach and founder of ACT2exceed. Annica is passionate about ensuring people reach their life goals and live life to their full potential. She also has an exclusive offer for City Savvy readers where you could win a life changing 1:1 coaching session with Annica!

Pets in the City: Walk a Shelter Dog

There are innumerable studies about how dogs improve the lives of their owners, but what if you could improve the life of a dog? At the Deierenasyl Gasperich dog shelter, you can do just that.

Cooking for Calais: The Refugee Community Kitchen

City Savvy's own Bex Stapleford volunteered her time and energy to helping out at the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais. Here's her account of her time there and a way that you can help from Luxembourg.

World Autism Awareness Day: Your Help Needed

A notice from Serve the City, a movement of volunteers, who believe that many people doing small things together makes a big difference.  World Autism...

5 Ways to Help Refugees in Luxembourg

If you are interested in helping the refugees of Luxembourg, this article details some practical ways to support their integration into the community.

Refugee Crisis: Ways to help in Luxembourg

If you would like to help refugees and migrants, here are some initiatives in Luxembourg for you to support.

CalAid Luxembourg

CalAid Luxembourg is a group of volunteers collecting urgently-needed donations for those living in the Calais migrant camps. Read this to know how you can help.

Vernissage & Fundraising on the Mosel

Find out how to be a part of a fundraising event for the children of asylum seekers at the Foyer St Antoine, by attending the Mosel Opening Exhibit of the Art of AMTE.

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CSL and the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg

As an early present to celebrate the holidays and show how much we love our readers, we are teaming up with our partners at...

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