Expat Essentials

Extraordinary Expats: Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen/Serve the City

Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen is starting a revolution in Luxembourg: a serving revolution that brings the community together. Find out more about Serve the City here.

Finding a Job in Luxembourg

Want to join the ranks of the employed in lovely Lux? Get the CSL low-down on getting a job in the grand duchy.

City Savvy Guide: Starting a business

Considering starting your own business in Luxembourg? CSL presents 'Start-up Guide: Luxembourg', written for the aspiring expat entrepreneur in plain English.

Registering Residency

Top of the To-Do list when you first get to Luxembourg has to be to register with your local commune. Here's our handy guide on how to obtain your residency permit.

City Savvy Guide: Driving the Duchy

When you drive a car in a foreign land, you absolutely need to know the local rules, for everybody's safety. Rute Vendeirinho on the basics of driving the duchy.

City Savvy Guide: Public Transport in Luxembourg

Small to start with, Luxembourg's well-developed public transport system makes the duchy's world even smaller. Rute Vendeirinho on navigating the city by road and rail.

City Savvy Guide: General Overview of Healthcare in Luxembourg

Rute Vendeirinho gives a general overview of the healthcare in the grand duchy.

City Savvy Guide: Banking in Luxembourg

CSL's relocation expert, Rute Vendeirinho, provides you with her practical guide to banking in Luxembourg.

City Savvy Guide: Higher Education in Luxembourg

There are many higher education resources available in the grand duchy; Rute Vendeirinho covers the basics for CSL.

City Savvy Guide: Housing in Luxembourg

Property prices got your heart pounding? Rute Vendeirinho on what to consider when finding your dream home in Luxembourg.

City Savvy Guide: Hospitals

CSL's Rute Vendeirinho has researched all the hospitals in Luxembourg to provide you with a handy list.

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