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Military Museums & Sites: Belgium

Miriam is here with her second article on military museums and sites to visit within 3-4 hours of Luxembourg. This week, Belgium.

Military Museums & Sites: Germany

Finally, City Savvy's Miriam Scargall is here with her top military museums and sites to visit in Germany. All within 3-4 hours drive of Luxembourg.

Military Museums & Sites: Luxembourg

If you're a military history buff here is City Savvy's top 12 military history museums and sights in Luxembourg you should visit.

Military Museums & Sites: France

If you want to learn more about European history, or simply reflect on past events, but don't know where to start then City Savvy's Miriam Scargall is here with her top military museums and sites to visit in France. All within 3-4 hours drive of Luxembourg.

Museum Smile, Luxembourg City

Have you heard of the Museum Smile? Spreading out across the city in a smile-like shape is the “museum smile” - it's 1 mile of 7 museums all within walking distance of each other in Luxembourg city.

Luxlait Vitarium: a moo-seum with a difference

Need a new activity to a-moo-se your kids on a Sunday? Try the Luxlait Vitarium!

Casino Luxembourg

Anouk from Luxessed takes a trip to Casino Luxembourg... and takes pictures to inspire you.


Revel in beauty and support a good cause. Anouk from Luxessed visits Art2Cure, an exhibition of artwork, showcasing local talent. See the preview here and then visit yourself!

Museum Festival: 21 & 22 May 2016

Forty museums in Luxembourg will open their doors to the public - lots to do and see, all for free.

Vernissage & Fundraising on the Mosel

Find out how to be a part of a fundraising event for the children of asylum seekers at the Foyer St Antoine, by attending the Mosel Opening Exhibit of the Art of AMTE.

Lest We Forget: WW1 Centenary

This year marks the Centennial of the Great War. Sarita Rao uncovers what the region is doing to mark one of Europe’s most dramatic events.

Exhibition by Contemporary Artist Irene Vlak

Opening on 28 March Irene Vlak's latest exhibition is inspiring, fun and thoughtful; questioning how non-organic materials become natural by their use in our daily lives.

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