Expat Columns

A Love Letter to Luxembourg

This Valentine's Day, Meredith Moss knows who she wants to send a letter to. Luxembourg!

5 marriage survival tips

Keep the magic of marriage alive with these 5 tips from Sarita Rao.

New Year’s resolutions: The Luxembourg Way

Wat sinn Är gutt Virsätz fir 2017? What are your resolutions for 2017? Why not learn Luxembourgish!?

5 strange Luxembourgish laws

So you’ve got used to the three official languages, know which days to put out your bins, and how to recycle your Christmas tree, but did you know the more unusual rules in Luxembourg....

An alternative guide to the winter blues

The alternative guide to beating the winter blues ... the Sarita way. (Warning: duvet essential).

Meredith’s Outtakes: Mistletoe and Whine

Have yourself a Meredith little Christmas. Our heroine celebrates the season Lux-style!

10 ways to tell it’s Christmas in Luxembourg

Besides the glorious Christmas market, what are the tell-tale signs it’s the festive season in Luxembourg? For Sarita Rao it’s log piles, worried turkeys and a scary man in a black mask.

Meredith’s Outtakes: Thanksgiving as an Expat

Meredith Moss shares her hilarious experience of celebrating Thanksgiving abroad.

5 Ways You Know You’ve Crossed the Border

We love the Duchy for its uniqueness, which is why we asked Sarita Rao to tell us five reasons she knows she has crossed the border into Luxembourg.

Meredith’s Outtakes: Oktoberfest

Meredith's hilarious take on that most, er, non-Luxembourgish of traditions: Oktoberfest!

Rites of Passage: Welcome to Big School

Lynn Frank explores her emotions on her youngest's first day at French school

Meredith’s Outtakes – No More Summer, thank you.

Most of us are sad to see summer go. But Meredith Moss is clear - after the experience she's had, it's welcome, autumn!!

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