Customs & Traditions

How to Ask Your Valentine Out – in Luxembourgish

Don't let language be a barrier to love. Liz Wenger is here to help you flirt in Luxembourgish.

New Year’s resolutions: The Luxembourg Way

Wat sinn Är gutt Virsätz fir 2017? What are your resolutions for 2017? Why not learn Luxembourgish!?

Luxembourg’s Traditions: February 2017

Singing, saints and sweethearts - light a lantern and sing your way to love and blessings this month. Here's the City Savvy guide to February's Luxembourgish traditions.

5 strange Luxembourgish laws

So you’ve got used to the three official languages, know which days to put out your bins, and how to recycle your Christmas tree, but did you know the more unusual rules in Luxembourg....

Luxembourg’s Traditions: December 2016

December is a month full of traditions, celebrations and gifts in Luxembourg. LuxMeetGreet explains all - from Niklosdag all the way until Silvester. No idea what we're talking about? Then read on.

City Savvy Guide: Christmas Markets 2016

Time to light the fires, turn on the Christmas music, wrap up warm and experience the joy that is the Kreschtmaart. City Savvy's Katrin Iannizzi lists her top picks of Christmas markets in Luxembourg and its surrounds.

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking Luxembourgish in 5 Easy Steps

Nervous about speaking in Luxembourgish? It's only natural. City Savvy's Liz Wenger is here to help with her 5 steps to overcoming your fear of speaking Luxembourgish, or infact any foreign language.

Santa Spotting in Luxembourg

Whether your children believe in St Nicholas, Kleeschen or Father Christmas, we have the low-down on where they can meet the big guy this festive season.

Luxembourg’s Traditions: November 2016

November is rich with saintly traditions. Find out more about what the Luxembourgish traditions mean and what events are going on this month with LuxMeetGreet.

Pappendag: Father’s Day in Luxembourg

Don't forget it's Luxembourgish Father's Day on Sunday 2nd October!

Luxembourg’s Traditions: October 2016

Want to watch a ghost parade, complete with home-made torches and a bonfire? Find out about Luxembourg's version of Halloween with Marie-Claire O’Sullivan-Dahm from LuxMeetGreet!

Luxembourg’s Traditions: September 2016

Crémant corks are a-popping in September with the annual wine festival in Grevenmacher! And that's not all as Marie Claire O'Sullivan explains; this month marks some of Luxembourg's finest traditions including medieval festivals, sale shopping and some special Schueberfouer days. Smile, you're in Luxembourg!

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