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Shopping for clothes and accessories is so much fun, but getting a style that suits your body and personality is challenging. Sometimes you need to call in the professionals. And by professionals, we mean Neha Bhandari.

Parenting in a Foreign Land: Separation in Luxembourg

In this article  Lysanne Sizoo looks at the pain of international (ex-) partners torn between love for their children and the troubles in their...

In the Spotlight: Tara Donnell

Rhona Richards meets Tara Donnell: actor, singer, producer and creator of a new short film 'Oleander', a drama set in Luxembourg exploring its social issues.

Halloween Parties … for Grown Ups

Halloween is not just for kids! Dig those costumes out and get your spook on this Halloween at a party near you for some spine-tingling fun!

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking Luxembourgish in 5 Easy Steps

Nervous about speaking in Luxembourgish? It's only natural. City Savvy's Liz Wenger is here to help with her 5 steps to overcoming your fear of speaking Luxembourgish, or infact any foreign language.

About Luxembourgish

And now for a history lesson. The history of Luxembourgish, that neat little language that is a witness to the history of the world's only Grand Duchy by native, Liz Wenger.

Ride the City: By Segway

Walking is so last year! Book yourself on a tour by Segway and discover more of Luxembourg city in less time or cruise through its vineyards or forests in this unique and exciting way.

A Wander Through Kayl

Kayl is not the superfood that you buy from the Farmer's Market, rather it is a breathtaking area in southern Luxembourg. Walking ground quality: good,...

Meredith’s Outtakes: Spring Style in Luxembourg

Meredith Moss steps up to the (fashion) plate and checks out the latest Luxembourg style.

Rambling Routes of Luxembourg – Dudelange II

Another beautiful gallery of images from Laurent of Rambling Luxembourg. This week... Dudelange revisited!

Failure: Learning to Walk and Talk

As expats trying to fit into a new culture and customs, we will meet failure time and time again (sometimes with embarrassing consequences!). City Savvy's mental coach expert discusses dealing with failure. Read on to find out how to embrace it as a natural process of learning, rather than beating yourself up about it.

Portugal in the City

Benvindo ao Luxemburgo! Some tips for Potugeuse speakers in Luxembourg.

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rainy days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: how does it feel? For decades, new music has been...

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