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What’s On: November 17th-23rd

Plan your week with Andreina Guenni's exciting 'What's On'! So many activities to choose from!

Thanksgiving Supplies in Luxembourg

Want to celebrate Thanksgiving properly but not sure where to get supplies? Martha Hullinger Ware comes to your rescue with this comprehensive list!

Open Days at Domaine Mathis Bastian

Calling all wine lovers!! 'Tis the season...the wine season, that is. The latest harvest has been brought in, and November will quickly lead us...

Luxembourg’s Traditions: November 2017

November is rich with saintly traditions. Find out more about what the Luxembourgish traditions mean and what events are going on this month with LuxMeetGreet.

Seasonal Cycles

Seasonal Cycles: Autumn Luxembourg offers many spectacles: from the fireworks on the Grand Duke’s birthday to the ‘Burgbrennen’; from the Schueberfouer to the Dancing...

Homesick or Heresick: Dealing with Being Away

Homesickness: not always so much about missing the home we chose to leave, but about feeling temporarily exhausted by being an incomer in a new home that we have not yet made our own. Lysanne Sizoo is here to help.

Six Years Ago Today

Six Years Ago Today… Mr. Wonderful was preparing for his mission trip to South Sudan, working one more day before leaving with our pastor and friend...

Luxembourg’s Traditions: October 2017

Want to watch a ghost parade, complete with home-made torches and a bonfire? Find out about Luxembourg's version of Halloween with Marie-Claire O’Sullivan-Dahm from LuxMeetGreet!

Château d’Urspelt: The Ultimate Staycation

Since moving to Lux, perhaps you have become a discerning globetrotter. Maybe you have watched the sun set in Majorca, wandered the cobbled streets...

A Wander Through Kayl

Kayl is not the superfood that you buy from the Farmer's Market, rather it is a breathtaking area in southern Luxembourg. Walking ground quality: good,...

Pappendag: Father’s Day in Luxembourg

Don't forget it's Luxembourgish Father's Day on Sunday 2nd October!

Luxembourg Public Holidays 2017-18

Luxembourg takes its public holidays seriously, usually with a unique tradition surrounding each one. So mark your calendars for this year and the next...

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Giveaway: Philharmonie Luxembourg’s rainy days 2017

rainy days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: how does it feel? For decades, new music has been...

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